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Updated by California Observer on Feb 02, 2023
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Image Source: Mirror Heathrow Airport has said that it will not limit the number of people who can fly there around Christmas. The biggest UK airport said it


What Falling Gas Prices Mean for Bills

What Falling Gas Prices Mean for Bills

After skyrocketing all summer, the wholesale gas prices in the UK and Europe has dropped a lot in the past few weeks. Analysts say they don’t think prices will stay low for a long time. This is primarily because of how the gas market works. As gas prices went up sharply on foreign markets at the beginning of this year, energy costs...Read More
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Find the latest and breaking news related to sports from the USA and around the world on California Observer. The platform provides the most user-engaging information. Visit now.


Top 5 Centers in the NBA Sports 2022 – 2033

Top 5 Centers in the NBA Sports 2022 – 2033

NBA sports is all about its stars whether it’s past, present or stars in making. There is always a lot of excitement about future prospects in NBA. Among the various positions in the team, centers have become an important members lately.....Read More

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Morocco makes world cup history - California Observer

Morocco dashed Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo’s world cup hopes on Saturday to become the first African country to make it to a World Cup semi-final.

Facebook Pays £29 Million In Corporate Taxes In The UK - California Observer

The company reported record sales of £3.3 billion, Facebook operations in the UK paid £29 million in corporation tax last year, and its average employee salary increased to $262,000 as a result.

Facebook Pays £29m Corporate Tax in the UK - California Observer

Despite reporting record-breaking sales of £3.3 billion, Facebook operations in the UK paid £29 million in corporation tax last year, and its average employee salary increased to $262,000 as a result.

Japan Government Urges Citizens to Switch off Lights

The Japan government has requested that residents in Tokyo and nearby areas use less electricity on Monday. Because of a heat wave, supplies were insufficient.

UAE Spacecraft Has Been Launched to Mars - California Observer

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) space agency launched its maiden mission to Mars in 2020, fewer than ten years after it was established. So, how did they do it?

Netflix to End Password Sharing in 2023 - California Observer

Streaming giant, Netflix is rolling out a number of feature changes next year!

As Christmas, the end of the year, and 2023 get closer, many people worldwide hope for better luck in the coming year. And like regular people make plans for how they want their lives to go in the new year, so do businesses.

Canada Restricts Foreigners from Buying Property - California Observer

The Canadian government has said some foreigners cannot purchase property in Canada for the next two years. The ban’s purpose is to make homes more affordable in one of the world’s most costly cities.

IMF Claims Global Recession Started - California Observer

According to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) head, one-third of the world economy will be in recession this year. Kristalina Georgieva said 2023 would be “tougher” than last year due to slowing economies in the United States, the European Union, and China.

Stephanie McMahon, Co-CEO of WWE, Resigns - California Observer

This week, the WWE has been more crazy than a Friday Night SmackDown. There are rumors that the company will soon be sold to a Saudi Arabian company or that it has already been sold in secret. This happened after Stephanie McMahon, who was Co-CEO and Chairwoman, left the company.

California Is Struggling With Deadly Storms - California Observer

About 25 million people in California are under a flood warning this weekend as the latest in a series of storms that have killed people pours rain on the state.

Toyota Plans to Convert Gas Cars to Electric Cars

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, the Japanese carmaker has proposed a proposal to replace existing automobile engines with more ecologically friendly alternatives, such as fuel cells and electric motors.

Green Trade War between the US and the UK - California Observer

Welcome to the global race to be the leader in green technology, The race to rid the world of carbon emissions has created a potential green trade war between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Plane Tickets Prices Rose by 44% Last Month

According to new information, the prices of plane tickets and bus rides went up at a record rate in December. In the year leading up to December, official numbers show that plane tickets went up 44.1%.