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The TechBlast

The tech blast is bursting the most innovative and practical tech products for everyone. Technology is meant to make our life easier and we are just doing it for you! Discover the gems of modern tech made for everyday use and far beyond it.


Say Goodbye to Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Nebulyft: The Miracle Worker! - The Techblast

Introducing the new and improved anti-ageing device for your pampering sessions at home! Behold the anti-ageing solution that fits your bag and is easy to use. Keep reading to fall in love with this product, and then grab yours now!

Feel the Real Pleasure of Reading with Bowio Book Light! - The Techblast

How many of you love reading books and want to take reading to the next level? Of course, most people will reply positively. Whether you are a passionate reader, a student or read as a hobby, Bowio Book light is all that you need. 

Japanese Picklestone jar: Get your Tsukemono just now! - The Techblast

For a long period of time, Tsukemono can only be prepared in Japan. And it was difficult to get hands-on original Japanese traditional pickles outside of japan. But recently, through the efforts of Tsukemono lovers, it is now possible to make yours at home with a few simple steps. Japanese pickle stone jars have been introduced with traditional spices all the way from Japan.

Best Home Security Cameras of 2022 - The Techblast

The advancement in home security tech enables us to ensure the safety and security of our families and protect our homes better than ever before. The following list outlines the features of some of the best security cameras so you choose the one best suited to your requirements.

Tech Blast - Best Latest Gadgets and Technology Blog

The TechBlast is bursting with the most innovative and practical tech products for everyone. Technology is meant to make our life easier and we are just doing it for you! Discover the gems of modern tech made for everyday use and far beyond it.

MagEasy Hybrid Workstation: Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit - The Techblast

Can’t work in a cluttered space? We have the perfect solution for you! Meet the MagEasy Hybrid Workstation, the ideal desk organizing kit that saves space and sets up exactly how you want.

Light Up the Room with Elesense - The Techblast

Monitor Bars are highly useful, especially if your work involves a lot of text reading. Visual designing, gaming, or just general surfing on the Internet takes up a lot of time when one is constantly staring at the monitor. However, looking at the screen for long hours can increase headaches, and if there isn’t sufficient lighting in the room, you can also add eye strain to the list.

Bebird N3 Pro 2-in-1: Safe Ear Cleaning - The Techblast

As we all know our ears produce wax, which is nature’s safety barrier to protect and clean itself. Ear wax and tiny ear hairs trap the dust and anything harmful contaminating your ears. But as we know excess of anything is bad and the same goes for the ear wax. Different people have different types of ear waxes, some people have drier ann thicker wax which accumulates in-ear. If you don’t regularly clean up ear wax, it can cause hearing problems and sometimes ear pain or infection.

LinkLens: Smart Audio Snow Goggles - The Techblast

In the winters, the most magical thing is the snowfall. And all of us wait eagerly for the snow season and enjoy gliding on snow. Here we are talking about a very fun sports activity that everyone loves, Skiing is a sport which lets you feel the thrill and happiness all together. Just by imagining yourself on snow-covered hills with majestic views and going through them on a pair of skis. It makes us very excited and we just want to jump in the snow and start skiing. Don’t you feel the same?

ATMOBLUE: Smart air purifier mask - The Techblast

Atmoblue is a smart, wearable air purifier mask that blocks 99.9% of bacteria, pollution, smoke and allergens.

LaserPecker 2| Best Portable Laser Engraver: - The Techblast

Laser engraving is the latest trend used in every other business market. Laser engraving is being used to customize a lot of different materials, and over time it’s getting crazy in demand.  Without any single doubt, laser engraved products are the easiest and best way to promote your business. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business or a well-established empire. Laser engraving is something you need to look for right now.

SES max; is the ultimate solution to torque and direction adjustment - The Techblast

A screwdriver is an essential tool for repairing and DIY projects. But if you rotate in the wrong direction or with inaccurate torque, you get your project messed up or may break your valuables.

Dream Machine; Quality Sleep with Smart Aid - The Techblast

Imagine waking up tired and dull, and you have a long day ahead. Isn’t it exhausting? Or if you are one of those who don’t get enough quality sleep? If yes, then get the chill pill! Pillow cube presents the best helping aid to catch your desired sleep; it is the Dream Al Machine.

Erazor- Portable Ceramic Blades Built To Last - The Techblast

Having to replace razors every few days can be pretty annoying and not to mention tiring as well! However, with Erazor, you can look sharp as it removes even the smallest of hair.

Capture Every Moment with Fjorden - The Techblast

With Fjorden, you never have to worry about missing out on a single moment. The DSLR-like camera control is so fast and accurate that you’ll get the perfect shot!

Outdoor Activities Made More Fun with HENGDUAN - The Techblast

The Portable Mosquito Repellent Mosquito bites are the worst! We can deal with mosquitoes inside the house, But what about outdoors?

Boost Your Mood And Energy With The Game-Changer INERGIZE COLD PLUNGE TUB - The Techblast

Many of us take a bath daily and feel it is very relieving. But INERGIZE cold plunge baths have brought comfort and therapy to another level.

Nextube: A Retro Nixie Clock, the Contemporary Addition in Your Home - The Techblast

A missing piece from your coffee table or home office, add the Nextube clock to brighten up your space!

Hello World, Say Hi to Loona! - The Techblast

An intelligent and affectionate Petbot to bring joy to your family!

Keep Your Ear Clean Safely With 3-In-1 Bebird Note 5 Visual Ear Wax Remover - The Techblast

The Best Visual Ear Wax Remover to remove your ear wax easily!

Save the Earth and Enjoy Sparkling Water At Home - The Techblast

Introducing the AWA Carbonator for all you sparkling water lovers out there! Nature is unbecoming, plastic waste is becoming an enormous problem, and unfortunately, the world lacks better optimal solutions!

Save the Earth by Using the DeliOne Bamboo Seal- Sustainable Food Bag - The Techblast

Water and air are getting polluted, species are becoming extinct, and humans require a better quality of life! Is this the world you want to leave behind for future generations? No, right?! Let’s start here and reduce the environmental impact...

ZOO CABLE WRAPS: Smart and Quick Solution to Organize your Cables - The Techblast

In this modern era, where everything is related to wires and cables, cables have become an indispensable part of our life. You must be annoyed by all the mess the cords create. Here are the 11 animals from land to sea in the form of the cutest Zoo cable wraps.

BOLD by UZE: A Gadget that is built to Last - The Techblast

The World's Greatest 260W Power Bank Just when you thought that you had seen the best technology and innovation of the 21st century the company UZE has outdone itself by introducing BOLD by UZE Powerful 260W Graphene Power Bank. Let’s discuss in detail why BOLD is a power bank you have never seen before!

The Brand New Camping Tarp- For Nature Lovers and Adventure Enthusiasts - The Techblast

Transform your outdoor experience with the one-of-a-kind camping tarp, introduced as the Shelter by Cinch! Do you love camping, or being outside with nature makes you happy and calm? Well, folks, we have the best product for you!