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5 reasons why drinking cow urine is good

There are several controversies related to drinking cow urine especially when it does have any scientific research behind it. Everything is based on Ayurvedic science. Here are some articles which may proof that cow urine may be beneficial for our health.

Cow urine - Wikipedia

Cow urine or Gomutra is a liquid by-product of metabolism in cows. Cow urine is used as medicine in some places of India, Myanmar, and Nigeria. While cow urine and cow dung have benefits as fertilizers, the proponents' claims about its curing diseases and cancer have no scientific backing.[1][2][3][4][5]

Cow urine distillate as bioenhancer - PMC

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Are there any health benefits of drinking cow urine (The Bitter Truth) - Health & Healthier

According to Ayurvedic science, drinking cow urine can actually benefit your health. Infact Ayurveda mentions Gomutra as "Sanjivani" and "Amrita", which

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Peptide profiling in cow urine reveals molecular signature of physiology-driven pathways and in-silico predicted bioa...

Peptidomics allows the identification of peptides that are derived from proteins. Urinary peptidomics has revolutionized the field of diagnostics as the samples represent complete systemic changes happening in the body. Moreover, it can be collected in a non-invasive manner. We profiled the peptides in urine collected from different physiological states (heifer, pregnancy, and lactation) of Sahiwal cows.