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Projectors and home theatre rooms

Helping you find the best projector for your home theatre room

How Many Watts Does a Projector Use? Lamp, LED & Laser Projectors

This is a detailed guide answering the question how many watts does a projector use for lamp-based, LED and laser projectors

How to Connect Xbox to Projector Complete Guide

The matter of knowing how to connect an Xbox to projector is very simple: connect the two devices via a HDMI cable

16×9 vs 16×10 Projector Screen: What’s The Difference?

When comparing 16x9 vs 16x10 projector screens the purpose is to understand which screen is the best for your based on your projector

Do Lumens Matter for Projectors?

Do lumens matter for projectors? Absolutely, the brightness of a projector is measured in ANSI lumens, it's a fundamental feature

7 Best Projectors for Daylight Reviews for Indoors & Outdoors

The best projectors for daylight are Epson Home Cinema 1080, ViewSonic PA503S, NEC PJ-P525UL, Optoma HZ39HDR, Epson Home Cinema 3200

What Is Contrast Ratio in a Projector? In-Depth Guide

Answering the question what is contrast ratio in a projector leads to talking about one of the most important specs for image quality

Best Projector Tripod Stand Reviews: 8 Models for 2022

Finding the best projector tripod stand is fairly easy, you must take into consideration maximum weight, minimum height, and max height

DLP vs LCD vs LED Projectors: An In-Depth Comparison

DLP vs LCD vs LED projectors comparison is a comparison between 2 of the best chip technologies and projectors that use LEDs as light source

Best Streaming Devices for Projectors: My 7 Reviews for 2022

The best streaming devices for projectors are one of the easiest, most direct way to enjoy movies, TV shows, TV channels, sports, etc.

Can You Watch TV on a Projector? What about Netflix?

Can you watch TV on a projector? You absolutely can, whether you want to use a cable box, a TV tuner, streaming devices or native apps

Lux vs Lumens for Projectors: What you Need to Know

There's one thing that a lux vs lumens projector debate reveals: ANSI lumens is the international standard for measuring projector brightness

Best Projector for Cookie Decorating: My 6 Picks for 2022

Some of the best projectors for cookie decorating include Aaxa LED Pico, Kodak Luma 150 and Akaso Focus Portable Mini Projector

7 Best Projectors for Halloween Effects + Reviews (2022)

Some of the best projectors for Halloween effects are the cheap, portable projectors with decent resolution and brightness

How to Connect PS4 to Projector: Complete Guide

The matter of how to connect PS4 to projector can be just as simple as connecting the two devices via a HDMI cable

Best Projector Ceiling Mount: Top 7 Picks for 2022

Finding the best projector ceiling mount for your device ensures the best viewing angles for perfect image quality

5 Best Portable Projectors for Camping Buying Guide

My 5 picks for the best portable projectors for camping offer awesome prices, high quality, nice resolutions and decent battery life

What Is DLP Rainbow Effect? DLP Chip Technology Guide

What is DLP rainbow effect? Does it affect only lamp-based projectors or does it appear with LED or laser projectors, too?

3D Projectors: What You Need to Know (Glasses, Screens etc.)

In my guide on 3D projectors and what you need to know about these devices we'll discuss which specs to look for and which 3D glasses work

7 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Movies (All Budgets)

When reviewing the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor movies, we focus on wide outdoor audio coverage, portability, and affordable prices

Best Soundbar for Projector: Top 6 Reviews for all Budgets (2022)

The best soundbar for projector can be an amazing option if you want a cheap and simple audio setup, while getting top sound quality

6 Best Wireless Speakers for Projector Buying Guide

There are many options for choosing the best wireless speakers for projector: cheap/expensive Bluetooth speakers, 2.1, 5.1 systems, sounbdars

Best Projectors Under $300 Reviews 2022

There are so many interesting devices to review as the best projectors under $300, we get amazing image quality for cheap prices

10 Best Projectors for Watching Sports

My picks for the best projectors for watching sports are: DBPower RD828, ViewSonic PA503S, LG PF50KA, Epson 880, BenQ MW632ST, Sony VW325ES

Are Projectors Better for Your Eyes than TVs? A Complete Answer

Are projectors better for your eyes? Projectors are better for our eyes than TVs because they produce indirect blue light