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How to Enjoy Cambodian Food Like a Pro – Exotic and Alluring Dishes for the Food Lover

The charming nation of Cambodia will always be a captivating country to visit, offering an array of interesting experiences for travellers. During your stay in this fascinating country, you should undoubtedly take the opportunity to experience the local cuisine which would be delicious and flavourful. In fact, Cambodian cuisine includes an array of delectable treats that would appeal to all food lovers. Described below are some of the must-try dishes that visitors should look to savour.


Try beef loc lac

You could commence your sampling of Cambodian cuisine with the hearty dish known as beef loc lac. Regarded as being one of the nation’s signature dishes, beef loc lac may be described as a tasty beef salad incorporating some modern innovations as well. You will often find that the versions of this dish found in restaurants today would feature stir-fried beef strips served with sliced tomatoes, crispy lettuce, onion, and cucumber. Typically, a fried egg would be placed atop the dish which would be accompanied by French fries. Beef loc lac wouldn’t be complete without the special dipping sauce made from lime juice and the zesty Kampot pepper which is noted for its distinctive flavour.


Taste fish amok

Unquestionably counted amongst Cambodia’s iconic dishes, the unique fish amok happens to be a rich smooth curry that you could readily find in the local restaurants. The principal ingredient in this dish would traditionally be freshwater fish, although chicken is sometimes featured instead.

To make this dish, the fish would be diced and immersed in coconut milk, fish sauce, eggs, and palm sugar. Another vital ingredient would be kroeung, a special paste composed of crushed spices as well as other ingredients like turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime and shallots which happen to be commonly used in Cambodian cooking. Traditionally, fish amok would be steamed within a banana leaf formed into a bowl-like shape; diners would also eat the dish from this receptacle.


Enjoy kuy teav

You will find that another typical Cambodian culinary creation would be kuy teav which would be a noodle soup commonly consumed for breakfast, although it may also be enjoyed at other times of the day. This appealing dish is made from beef or pork bones along with rice vermicelli, with flavourful broth also containing bean sprouts, garlic, fried shallots, aromatic herbs, and green onions. Another key ingredient in this dish would be fish or pork balls, although sometimes beef balls would be used instead. Kuy teav would be served along with chilli paste, hoisin sauce and lime.


Experience pork and rice

Another popular Cambodian favourite would be the much-loved pork and rice which happens to be a breakfast staple in this country. You could join the locals in the early morning hours as they make their way to the streets to have their breakfast, which would often be pork and rice. You will find that this rather uncomplicated, yet delicious dish is made by thinly slicing pork and then marinating it in oil and garlic, after which it would be barbecued slowly on a grill before being served on rice with vegetables. Apartments in Phnom Penh to consider where you could base yourself as you experience Cambodian cuisine would be Somerset Norodom Phnom Penh.


Savour Cambodian desserts

You would find that Cambodian cuisine would also feature its share of delectable desserts. One of these would be rice cake or num ansom chek which is commonly enjoyed in the country, particularly during festive occasions. These delightful rice cakes are stuffed with bananas and a portion is often offered to monks at the local pagodas.

Another not-to-be-missed Cambodian dessert would be sangkhya lapov or pumpkin custard. To prepare this dish, the sweet custard is stuffed into a pumpkin and then steamed. You will find that the result would be a tasty sweet that will also look appetizing and enticing.

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