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Updated by ig-fans on Oct 31, 2022
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The 5 best tips and tricks to gain 20 or more Instagram followers

Growing your audience on Instagram allows your posts and stories to reach more IG followers who care about your business. Learn new and creative ways to make your business stand out on Instagram.


Check the quality of your account

Check the quality of your account

If you want to subscribe to many different accounts but care about the stats, check this link right here now and buy 20 Instagram followers several times. You need to keep the balance to rank higher in the feeds and the explore pages of others.


Instagram's algorithm for evaluating your profile

Instagram's algorithm for evaluating your profile

Instagram evaluates the quality of your IG fans and followings. The number of people you follow should be a maximum of 10-20% of your followers. In general, it's better to follow someone who only follows 20 profiles than if they already have 4000 users in their feed and are unlikely to notice your new post.


Good comments as engagement

A comment like "Pretty" or even a smiley emoticon has adverse effects because it looks like a robot's text. The length is essential as well.

It's not just the number of replies that matters, but how quickly you respond and how widely you comment in response. You may also create something trendy as it influences reach and engagement, which are crucial to gain many IG fans.


Long descriptive texts

You can write long texts for the picture because the time spent by the user on the image is also estimated. The more you read, the more time and opportunities you have to reach more followers for Instagram.


Create many stories on Instagram

You should shoot 15 to 30 Instagram stories daily, spread throughout the day, not all at once. You can tell more about the posted image and call for interaction, like "When I gain 20 more followers for Instagram, I will share the checklist. The sooner you share this with your friends, the sooner you will get a freebie!". If you look at stories and interact, you'll most likely see the user's regular images reciprocated.


Post videos and carousels

Since the time IG followers spend on posts is essential, you should also post reels and carousels. Instagram loves it when you take turns posting here.


Explore the feed

Allow yourself to be inspired by the research feed and comment on good photos. In this way, Instagram can even better categorize and evaluate who might like your photos. Better to write a few remarks but then quality and positive comments in Explore Feed. Attract your target Instagram followers, and let them find you!