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Family Activities to Do in Mozambique – Holiday bliss with family

With its beaches, remote islands, and luxury lodges, Mozambique offers the perfect setting for a family holiday. There's a lot to be enjoyed, and here are the things you can do here as a family.


Visit Gorongosa National Park

Sitting at the tip of the Great Rift Valley, Gorongosa National Park is the topmost biodiversity destination in Mozambique. Its popularity as a tourist destination is evident from the number of Mozambique holiday resorts located in the vicinity. The park is home to a number of elusive wild animals, including nyala, impala, buffalo, zebra, and waterbuck. You'll also see a group of lions, and wild dogs have been reintroduced to the park as well.


Watersports at Bazaruto National Park

With gorgeous white sandy beaches, palm trees, and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Bazaruto National Park brings you a diverse set of water sports, including snorkelling and diving. The park is located in Bazaruto Archipelago, and those staying at Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort will find it an easy and short trip. For beautiful scenery and some adventure, climb up to the top of one of the tall dunes. And for more adventure involving the beautiful marine life of Mozambique, you should head to The Aquarium to snorkel and dive. What's more, you'll see an array of wild animals like antelope, crocodiles, monkeys, and turtles.


Explore Mozambique Island

Once one of the most important ports in the region, Mozambique Island is now a UNESCO World Heritage site owing to its history. The island is home to some of the oldest structures in the region, and these structures include three churches and a fort. Although the island has a rich history, it isn't visited by many, which makes the island the perfect place for families that want a bit of privacy.


Enjoy an ocean safari

Tofo is a tiny village in Mozambique, but it has a lively character. With beaches lined with restaurants and shops, the village has a busy atmosphere. You can just hang around here exploring and enjoying delicious food, but what's even better is the ocean safaris. These are snorkelling tours that you can enjoy with the guidance of an instructor. A snorkelling tour will expose you to the sublime beauty of Mozambique's marine life; among the frequent encounters are whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, and turtles – whale sharks are quite large and can be a scary sight, but they are completely innocent.


Enjoy local food

Mozambique is home to a huge array of fancy restaurants, hotels, and some low-key eateries. All serve delicious local food as well as international food from around the world. Seafood is an inherent part of the local dishes, so you'll be able to enjoy some of the best seafood dishes made using different and unique recopies.


Visit Maputo Special Reserve

With a history dating from 1960, Maputo Special Reserve was established with the intention of protecting local elephants. However, over the years, a number of other animals were introduced, making the reserve one of the epicentres of wildlife. The reserve offers its visitors a unique, memorable, and insightful beach and bush experience. Sign up for a game safari to come face to face with majestic elephants, and an ocean safari is an ideal way to encounter whale sharks.


Best time to visit

If you are planning to visit Mozambique with your kids, it's important that you choose the right time to visit. The dry season lasts from April to December with less rainfall, but the heat can be too much to bear. September to November, therefore, is the best time to visit as game viewing is at its best during that time, and the weather is more warm than hot.