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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 25, 2022
Headline for 5 Reasons Why Phuket Is a Great Travel Destination - A blissful tropical getaway on the idyllic Thai island
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5 Reasons Why Phuket Is a Great Travel Destination - A blissful tropical getaway on the idyllic Thai island

Well-informed holiday-seekers all around the world hardly need any convincing for a trip to Phuket. Spectacular beaches, wild nightlife, and mouth-watering local dishes — the Thai island has got it all. Here's why Phuket is a fine travel destination and why it deserves to be on your bucket list.


The picture-postcard beaches - a slice of sun, sand, and sea on the beach-blessed island

If it weren't for the string of spectacular beaches that ring the Andaman Sea island, most tourists to Phuket wouldn't have the Thai island on their maps in the first place. Turquoise blue waters, palm-fringed sandy shores and a charming beachside aura, beach bums and sun lovers are sure to have the time of their lives. Lounge under swaying palms, sip tropical cocktails, bask in the soothing sun and lose yourself in unrestrained seaside euphoria like never before.


The incredible nightlife - after-dark entertainment in vibrant Phuket

If there's one thing that Phuket is renowned for, that would undoubtedly be its incredible nightlife. Once the sun goes down and the darkness takes over the azure blue skies, the vibrant island is all about treating you to a night to remember. If a wild night out is what's on your mind, there are scores of lively bars, rooftop parties and world-class nightclubs awaiting your amusement. Phuket doesn't disappoint the laid-back folks either, seeking a mellow night. No matter what your idea of incredible nightlife is, you can count on Phuket for a fun-filled, memorable night.


The inviting local cuisine - mouth-watering exotic flavours await your indulgence

No trip to Thailand would be complete without savouring the Southeast Asian nation's authentic cuisine and Phuket is no exception. For a truly authentic Thai experience, steer clear of the gourmet buffet at your fancy hotel and indulge in an assortment of delectable local dishes with the likes of Gaeng Keow Wan, Pad See Ew, Kuay Teow Neua or Ba Mee Kiew. Let your taste buds experience the blend of exotic flavours that take you to the mouth-watering side of Phuket.


The fun-filled water sports - an adrenaline-pumping treat for the thrill-seeking souls

It's not only jaw-dropping scenery that lies on the sandy shores of Phuket but also a plethora of fun-filled sports that invite you to claim your long-awaited dose of fun and thrills. From daredevil jet skiing and parasailing to blissful snorkelling and scuba diving, and family-friendly banana riding and sea kayaking, the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea that surround the island of Phuket have something on offer for every traveller to have fun in the water.


The elegant hotels and resorts - the epitome of tropical island living

Adding to the charming ambience of the idyllic Thai island is its slew of elegant hotels and resorts that make your time away on the tropical island even more blissful. A stay at a Phuket luxury resort, including the likes of Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas, is sure to afford your much-awaited tropical island getaway just the way you dreamed about it.