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10 Traditional Omani Dishes You Need to Try - Top 10 Local Dishes to Savour in Oman

As one of the most impressive and compelling aspects of Omani culture, the country's traditional cuisine is one of the best reasons to holiday in the destination. Here are ten dishes every tourist should seek out during a getaway in Oman.



Known by other names including Kabsa and even Makboos, this Omani dish traces its origins to Saudi Arabia. This delectable rice dish is a favourite in the Gulf region and is a staple in lunch menus. Basmati rice is used to create this dish where the rice is cooked in a spice mix and infused with meat and vegetables. Side dishes that typically accompany Majboos are a dollop of yoghurt or some sort of green salad while some locals like to dig into a plate of Majboos rice with tomato sauce and Omani bread.



With countless date plantations occupying the landscapes of Oman, it should come as no surprise that this sweet fruit is a must-sample delicacy during a trip to the country. Known to have many nutritional benefits, dates are a key part of local hospitality as most guests will be served dates with a cup of Arabic coffee when invited to a local home.



Shuwa refers to all grilled meat dishes in Oman. As an indispensable part of celebrations and local festivals, grilling meat the traditional way takes several days instead of hours. Special Omani spices are used to marinate the meat before it is wrapped up in palm leaves and cooked in a sand oven underground.



This classic dessert is some of the best sweet dishes to savour in Oman as it is rich in flavour. With its thick texture, resembling a custard, Halwa is a brown-coloured confection although there's no cocoa in the dish. Spices, rose water, honey and eggs are used in this nutty sweet.



Omani coffee or Kahwa is grown and cultivated in the country and also features cardamom powder. It is custom to offer a cup of Kahwa to guests in nearly every Omani social gathering and while bitter and not as sweet as western coffee, it is thick and delicious.



Those who are based at the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort will find that most restaurants in Oman serve their own variation of this popular fish dish. Typically made with kingfish that's grilled, the dish is served in a lemony sauce.


Omani Laban

Sour milk or Laban is another staple that's sold in yoghurt and liquid form in street stalls across the country.


Omani Bread

Sold in various shapes and sizes, Omani bread is usually made in every household daily and also accompanies most meals.



As a dish that's usually a part of Eid celebrations, Harees is made using wheat flour and slow-cooked meat. Soft in texture, it is one of the first meals fasters eat after the Ramadan fasting season.



This classic wrap is the Omani equivalent of burgers as seafood and meat items as well as veggies are encased in pita bread to create this mouth-watering snack.