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Vancouver Mommy Bloggers


5 Minutes for Mom

Blog post at 5 Minutes for Mom : [..]

3-2-1- Launch day

We were pretty excited to move to Saltspring and live bear-free ... very different from our previous spot in Vancouver where we had nightly ursine visitors knocking over the garbage cans! But even tho we...

Mama in the City

One of my good friends Sarah decided to take her love affair with the local children's clothing Peekaboo Beans a step further and became a Play Stylist for the company. On top of her job as a busy RN and mama to Brooke, Sarah loves to talk about all things Peekaboo Beans and really loves what the company as a whole stands for.

Baby in VanCity

Thoughts. Tips. Recipes. A Vancouver baby blog (by Mary Sheridan)

Backhanded Mama

I'm not just a Mom & a wife... (by Raincity Parent)

Bees With Honey

In honour of our last weekend of Summer, the family and I decided to head out on one last adventure. Samish Island was our destination and extended family was our company. We spent the weekend boat riding, catching fish and eating crab.

More Than Your Average Mom

Wow... First day of school already! I can't believe that my little baby boy is in Kindergarten. I'm pleased to say that I made it through tear free! Although the same couldn't be said for little sis unfortunately! Because my kids are so close in age, it means that they've spent much of their childhood in daycare together.

Bits of Bee

Post inspired by: ... [Read More...] As we approached the daycare this morning, my toddler tripped and fell to the ground. Immediately, he howled like a coyote and sat in his landing spot like he had broken both of his legs. He wasn't running, and there wasn't anything in his way, he just fell.

BLUNTmoms honest. direct. surprisingly hilarious.

BLUNTmoms is a collection of amazing mom bloggers who want to explore different stories that aren't always appropriate for their own personal blog sites.

Burnaby Mommy Blog

A blog from a PR career focused new mom-to-be looking to share interesting news, information, products and reviews useful for other parents.

Childrens Directory | Maternity | Vancouver Kids | Parenting

Enjoy the rest of your summer! August 21st, 2013 I've taken the plunge and signed up for the Easter Seals DropZone taking place on September 10th. I and 5 other team mates on the team called "The Incredibles" will be rappelling down the side of a 20 story building on Tuesday September 10th all to help send some very deserving kids to camp!

City Mom Now | Love Where You Live

Love your eyes and win in this giveaway from the Opticians Council of Canada running until October 10, 2013 to celebrate World Sight Day... Tasty and tongue-in-cheek describe eating at Cheeses Murphy's new Duke Street location in Kitchener. Specializing in cheese sandwiches, Cheeses... Switching schools isn't an easy decision to make, but sometimes it's necessary.

Discovering Parenthood on

Life as we know it since becoming parents

Divorce Doula

It's that time of year...Summer time = Wedding season. In my circle it also means anniversary season. Starting in June, my social media news feed is filled declarations of love, commitment & gratitude from one spouse to the other, thanking him/her for 10...17...29 years of wedded bliss.

Dovetail Blog

They say you just gotta jump on that train as it's flying past you. Well, I've never heard that before. It's probably not even very wise advice. Either way, an opportunity came up and with trepidation and sweaty palms I'm jumping on board.

EastVan Baby

I really don't like the mall because when you think you have enough, you find more stuff you want and I spend spend spend...and yet, I continue to return! But hey, on a rainy or cold day and you have a 24lb baby napping on the carrier for 2 hours, who needs the gym right?

Entrepreneur Mom Now Vancouver - Entrepreneur Mom Now

A Message From Your City Director Welcome to Entrepreneur Mom Now Vancouver, the first stop for mom entrepreneurs opening their small business. We connect entrepreneurial moms to each other online and help them learn, so that they can grow their businesses and achieve their dreams. Together, we'll grow.

Food and Whine

Food and Whine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Frugalista Mamas

Saving money, using coupons, recipes, giving to food bank, food bank fridays, being frugal, frugalista, reviews, children's parties

Can you make the switch to SOLAR ENERGY?

Here you'll find tips on how to live a greener, healthier lifestyle. It's easy! You'll save money, time and your families health. Plus help our beautiful planet.

just another mompreneur

Ramblings about life as mom and CEO of my kitchen table office

Little Miss Mama

It's getting to be that time of year again lovelies. The weather is cooling off, the leaves are starting to fall, coats or wool are being considered, Starbucks is about to launch it's Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Pottery Barn Kids adds Halloween Costumes to their website. Oh Wow!

Mama and the City

Mama and the City. Vancouver mom who lives and works in the city.




We are moms that are focused on getting out there and getting active and not making excuses for why motherhood is holding you back. No need to sit around the house in your sweats, there are tons of quick tips, events and workshops that will get you thinking about life beyond the stroller and outside of the maternity ward.

Mama. Papa. Bubba. -

Today, instead of preparing a post-nap snack for Miss G as I usually do, I set out this... A collection of 4 different apples waiting to be observed and tasted. (more...) Today Gracen and I headed out on a mission.