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Updated by Barry Feldman on Oct 06, 2013
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Funny Headlines I: By Feldman Creative

I love when readers Tweet or write to me and tell me they LOL'd or thought my content is funny. That's engagement—and that's the goal.

If You Don't Treat Social Media Like Sex, You're Doing it Wrong

I was at church when I got the idea for this article. It's not as twisted as it may sound. You see, my wife and I went to hear psychologist, leadership consultant, and best-selling author Dr. Henry Cloud lead a marriage seminar. On day two, at about half past the second cup of coffee, we got into sex.

Your Website is a Mousetrap and Your Content is the Cheese

Mice aren't attracted to mousetraps. They're attracted to what you put on it. The same goes for websites. What are you putting on yours? Let's start with a dead mouse. When you run down to the hardware store to invest in a mousetrap, I'm quite sure you have a very clear idea of what you're trying to accomplish.

The Unbearable Shame of Being an Unblogger

You're likely to find this blog post bleeping ironic. I'll tell you why and perhaps even shoo you away. You see, I'm a content marketing maniac. Really. I write, speak about, and earn a pittance actually doing content marketing. I do some form of it to promote my own company every day.

Content Marketing: The Beautiful Buzz and the Hellacious Hangover - Content Marketing Insights

Traditional advertising diehards practically invented the two-martini lunch, but the old saps have been shun from today's meaningful marketing shindigs. To get their kicks, they mostly go to bonfire parties and burn their clients' money. Meanwhile, us new media maniacs are partying hard on content marketing. The cork's been yanked.

The State of Inbound Marketing [Minus the Mind-Numbing Details]

Barry Feldman HubSpot wrote the book on Inbound Marketing in 2010, literally. It's 215 pages of awesome insights. You need to read it. This week they published their annual inbound marketing report . It's 175 pages. You don't need to read it. I know you're not going to read a report that long.

If You Dismiss Social Media as a Time Suck, You Probably Suck At It

Barry Feldman Vertical Response created an absolutely killer infographic, which examines time spent on social media by small businesses. Then, their CEO Janine Popick followed with a wonderful article published on Inc. com, "Where CEOs Spend Their Time (& Money) on Social Media," which made the rounds big time.

Your Copywriter Don't Dance & Your Content Don't Rock n' Roll

Her job is to generate traffic to the Verizon Wireless store. She has no props. Nor does she hawk an offer you haven't seen a million times. Sounds, pretty ho-hum, I know. But day after day, she's doing her thing on the well-traveled corner of Green Valley and Francisco and she calls a ton of attention to herself and the store.

Are You an Egghead on Twitter?

Twitter is currently the 8 th most visited website in the world. The site ranks roughly 896,000 slots higher than mine (< shameless backlink to Feldman Creative dot com). So, as crazy as it might be to ignore it's positively bird-brained to neglect Twitter.

Why Turkeys Don't Tweet

Ah, Twitter. Such a misunderstood little bird. Personally, er, professionally, I haven't been at it all that long. I too didn't understand what all the buzz was about. Now I do. And you know what I call those who have come and gone? Turkeys. And those that refuse to even try?

The eBook is the Stud in Your Content Marketing Stable

Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs collaborate annually to produce a heap of research findings they call "B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends." This year's report just came out. ( Presented on SlideShare here.)

How Losers Do Landing Pages. | Feldman Creative

A click is a terrible thing to waste. So I went in search of best practices for making landing pages land leads.

The Twelve Days of Twismas

On the first day of Twismas, my twu love sent to me A smartphone equipped with 4G.

Content Marketing Pros Have Flawsome Sex with Chickens

You'll enjoy some of my favorite new words from this month's Content Marketing World conference in Columbus, Ohio. Sex with Data Whoa! When Mitch Joel, opening keynote speaker and author of Six Pixels of Separation , used this phrase just a little after 8 a.m.

You Don't Need to be a Slime Ball to Lose Your Customer's Trust

Feb Know. Like. Trust. You know the formula by now. You like and trust it too because when you accomplish the holy trifecta you're well on your way to getting a customer and maybe even winning their loyalty for as long as the spell holds fast.