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cPanel Features Metrics and Security

Metric Features: Visitors, Errors, Bandwidth, Raw Access, Awstats, Webalizer, Webalizer FTP, Metrics Editor.
Security Features: SSH Access, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Manage API , Tokens, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, ImunifyAV.

How to Manage your Domains in cPanel

Create or manage your Domains

With this cPanel feature you can create or manage all your domains from a single hosting account

The Importance of Internet Security for your Website

Websites are a Security Risk

With the growing dependency on the Internet today. Secure access to any website is becoming paramount.
If you have any assets of value or if anything about your website puts you in the public spotlight.
Then your website security WILL be tested.

Using the SSL TLS Status Interface in cPanel

This cPanel feature lets you view, upgrade, or renew your domain names Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. For more information on "Managing AutoSSL" see cPanel's AutoSSL
For more information about how SSL/TLS verifies server identities to protect your websites, see cPanel's Guide to SSL

What is and Using the ModSecurity Interface in cPanel with Video

ModSecurity In cPanel

cPanel & WHM includes many features that help web hosts and site administrators to repel bad bots, including the ModSecurity web application firewall (WAF).
Automated attack bots bombard web apps with malicious requests as soon they go online.

cPanel Tutorials - How to Manage Password and Leech Protection

This video cPanel Tutorial how to use Directory Privacy to password-protect content on your cPanel account's website. It also shows how to use Leech Protection ...

Using the Leech Protection Interface in cPanel

Leech Protection

From RSH Web Services. The Leech Protection feature allows you to detect unusual levels of activity in password-restricted directories on your website. After you set the maximum number of logins within a two-hour period, the system redirects or suspends users who exceed that maximum.

Learn how to enable Hotlink Protection via the Cloudflare Scrape Shield app to prevent other websites from linking to your image resources or abusing your bandwidth.
In this article
Can I allow hotlinking to specific images?
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How to use the HotLink Protection feature in cPanel

Hotlink Protection

Hotlinking occurs when someone embeds content from your website, and uses your Bandwidth to serve the files. You can use this feature to prevent this issue. To block direct access to files of specific types, add those file extensions to the Block direct access for the following extensions text box. For example, to block all .jpg images, add .jpg to the Block direct access for the following extensions text box.

Setting up and using API Tokens in cPanel with Video

This cPanel feature lets you create, list, update, and revoke API tokens. You can issue API Tokens to allow others to run API functions with your account’s data. For example, you could issue an API token to a reseller. The reseller could use that token to check disk usage. This functionality is experimental and may change

How to install an SSL/TLS Certificate in cPanel Video

A guide to installing an SSL/TLS Certificate into cPanel. From creating your Certificate Signing Request CSR, to ordering your SSL and validating your domain...

Managing SSL Certificates with cPanels SSL/TLS Interface

With These cPanel features it will allow you to generate and manage SSL certificates, signing requests, and keys, which enhance your website security. They are useful for sensitive information, such as login credentials and credit card numbers. Encryption protects Visitors’ communications from malicious users. For more information on "Managing AutoSSL" see cPanel's AutoSSL

IP Blocker | cPanel & WHM Documentation

The IP Blocker interface allows you to block access to your site for one or more IP addresses or fully qualified domain names (FQDNs).

Using the IP Blocker in cPanel

The cPanel IP Blocker feature allows you to block access to your website for one or more IP addresses or even a fully qualified domain names. Although our Hosting packages already have a firewall installed to detect potentially malicious behavior and automatically blocks those IP addresses.

Security - 11.44 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

cPanel, WebHost Manager, and WHM are registered trademarks of cPanel, L.L.C. for providing its computer software that facilitates the management and configuration of Internet web servers. ®2020 All rights reserved. The following documents describe the features of the cPanel Security box.

How To Use PuTTY SSH With cPanel® | cPanel Blog

Learn how to access your cPanel hosting account or server via SSH with the PuTTY SSH client for Microsoft Windows.

SSH Access Interface in cPanel

With this cPanel feature it provides information about how to connect to another web server via the SSH (secure shell) network protocol. Many modern operating systems, such as macOS and Linux distributions, include SSH. If you use Microsoft Windows® to connect to your server, you must use an SSH client, such as PuTTY, to log in to your server.

cPanel Metrics Editor - cPanel Tutorial Video

cPanel Metrics Editor - cPanel Tutorial Download the Best Cpanel Guide cPanel User Guide and Tutorial: Get the most from cPanel with this easy to follow guide ...

Using the Metrics Editor Interface in cPanel

Metrics Editor

This cPanel feature allows you to select which metrics program to process and view your log files and provide traffic analysis for your website. You can select from the following programs:
Webalizer FTP

Using Webalizer in cPanel

Webalizer is a website traffic analyzing tool which represents the data graphically of your visitors to your website. For more information about Webalizer, visit the Webalizer website. To view all of the possible configuration options for Webalizer, read Webalizer’s Configuration Files documentation. Also see the Webalizer FAQ's pages for more information

Using Awstats in cPanel

Awstats is a third-party program that produces visual statistics about Visitors to your website
By using the Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) software. All statistics programs work basically the same. They collect the data the web server log files and display the information in easy to read graphs and lists. There are two website visitor statistics programs available in cPanel.

Accessing the Raw Access Logs feature in cPanel

These access logs are compressed text files that contain information about your websites visitors.
This feature allows you to download a .gz file that contains your access log. You can access logs for both Apache® and NGINX®.

cPanel Tutorials - Bandwidth Video

This video explains the Bandwidth interface and how to monitor the volume of traffic entering and leaving your site.Music by We filmed this tutor...

Using the Bandwidth feature in cPanel with Video

The cPanel Bandwidth interface displays bandwidth usage information in several sets of graphs showing Web traffic, Email, File transfers and more
The graphs display bandwidth information in six categories:
• HTTP - Web traffic
• POP3 - Email that you retrieved from your accounts on the server
• IMAP - Email that you retrieved from your accounts on the server
• FTP - File transfers
• SMTP - Email that your accounts sent
• Total (showing all services)

How to View the Error Logs in cPanel

This cPanel feature displays up to 300 of the most recent entries in Apaches error logs for your web pages. The interface displays error log entries from the user’s home directory. The interface also displays /usr/local/apache/logs/suexec_log file entries that include the username for the account. The interface scans the most recent 2 MB in each log file. If the server is extremely busy, the portion of the log file that the interface scans may not contain any errors for this site.