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Are You Looking For A Clinic For Hair Loss Treatment?

Marma Klinik provides the best hair transplant and hair loss treatment in Indore. Dr. Amit Porwal along with his qualified staff has skills in superior technology and provides the best PRP treatment and hair treatment in Indore.

Yes, a blood test is mandatory before hair treatment in Indore and this is because blood tests are done before surgery to check your health status, and determine the signs of infection or the functioning of a particular organ.

Yes, you can do a hair transplant if your donor area is weak. If you are a patient then you need to consult a hair doctor in Indore. Due to this, you will know that transplant can be done even after the donor area is weak.


Does The Hair Treatment Show Instant Results?

The results of hair treatments are not visible immediately. After taking hair treatment in Indore, it may take a few weeks or a few months for the hair to regrow, thicken and follow the precautions prescribed by the doctor so that the results will be visible earlier and better.

*Hair treatment is needed when you have thinning or hair loss, then PRP (platelet-rich plasma) can be used to keep the hair healthy and grow new hair. PRP treatment in Indore helps in the re-growth of your natural-looking hair.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment is a procedure in that uses the patient's own blood plasma to help promote hair growth on the scalp, which improves the overall texture and thickness of the hair.In addition, the blood flow to the scalp with PRP treatment in Indore increases the growth of new hair.

Medicine can have both positive and negative effects on hair loss, depending on the type of medication and the individual. People who take certain medications for long periods of time may experience hair loss as a side effect. If you are using any health supplements so consult with a doctor to take proper benefits for hair loss treatment in Indore.

First Local Anesthesia is used which is a very safe and effective hair loss treatment in Indore. The patient does not feel any pain under local anaesthesia. After this the donor area is where the graft is taken and grafts are planted to the bald area.

If you are facing sudden loosening of hair, it could be a sign of alopecia areata in the future. So it is better to see a doctor for hair loss treatment in Indore if you are experiencing this symptom.

Because there are different types of conditions that cause hair loss, so if you are facing hair loss then you need to see a hair doctor in Indore who is a dermatologist for hair treatment.

The doctor pulls out some of the hairs to check whether the root strength is good or not, whether they come out easily or not. This test is helpful in determining the stage of the shedding process in hair treatment in Indore.