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Renewable Energy


A strong believer in using renewable energy to protect the environment and keep it green!

Which Heat Pump Is Best | Best Heat Pump In 2022

Heat pumps are the most efficient water heating system invented in Australia. Being an Australian technology, heat pumps are well accepted and used all over the country.

Not just that, but because of its excellent performance and energy-efficient characteristics, it’s one of the most popular water heating systems in Australia.

There are many heat pump models available in the market

How Much Does A Heat Pump Cost To Install

This Heat Pump Blog will provide you the authentic data about Heat pumps are such devices that combine technology with efficiency and provide you with a smart water heating system that costs a fraction of the amount which it would have otherwise.
If you choose to go with an efficient hot water heat pump replacing your old demanding electric system.

Heat Pump VS Gas Hot Water System

Did you know that by taking 7-minute-long showers and other minor chores included in a day, your hot water electricity bill can account for roughly 30% of the whole quarterly energy bill? That is how expensive having a hot water system is, electric to be exact.For instance, a hot water heat pump has the potential to save you a lot in the process.


How Does A Solar Panel Work?

How Does A Solar Panel Work?

Amongst many spectacular innovations of science, solar panels are one of them. They are literally some strategically made expensive plates of silicon that is able to produce electricity if you feed some sunlight to it. This might not be a very accurate representation, but this is basically how a solar panel works. However, if you insist on knowing exactly how does a solar panel work,

Is It Worth Getting A Heat Pump| Heat Pump 101

In today’s times, any means of being energy efficient is extremely desirable and important. More and more of us are gravitating towards renewable energy sources like solar and swapping old lighting systems with LEDs to become energy efficient. In that way of thinking, heat pumps are enlisted as the most energy-efficient way of getting hot water.

Are Commercial Solar Panels Worth It?

This commercial solar panel article provides you authentic data from an unbiased point of view of why commercial solar is worth it? Precisely, they are worth the money as well as with larger energy consumption of commercial properties makes the payback period much sooner. Such properties’ returns on investment also happen significantly more quickly, especially given the consumption rate.

What is the Return on Investment for Commercial Solar - Cyanergy

Due to the fact that Australia has one of the highest per-capita greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial world, interest in renewable energy sources like solar power is rising. However, as a business, does this investment make sense? What is the return on investment for commercial solar?

Will Natural Gas be phased out in Victoria? - Cyanergy

There has been much discussion recently about whether natural gas will be phased out in the state of Victoria. While no decisions have been made at this time, it is an important issue that merits further consideration. Natural gas is a valuable resource that provides many benefits, but it also comes with some environmental concerns. Weighing the pros and cons of natural gas is an important step in deciding its future in Victoria.

How To Go Solar In Australian Apartments? | Solar Emporium

So how to go solar in Australian apartments? Apartment residents who want to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy have different options. Also Visit

5 Best Commercial Solar Panels for Businesses in 2023 - Cyanergy

Elevate your business with the 5 best commercial solar panels in 2023. Uncover high-performance solutions for cost savings and sustainability. Read our blog to power your success with solar energy

The Ultimate Guide to Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners in 2023 - Cyanergy

Navigate the ultimate guide to reverse cycle air conditioners in 2023. Discover efficient cooling and heating solutions for year-round comfort. Read more and make the right choice for your home

The Ultimate Guide to Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners in 2023 - Cyanergy

Navigate the ultimate guide to reverse cycle air conditioners in 2023. Discover efficient cooling and heating solutions for year-round comfort. Read more and make the right choice for your home

Power Shortage By 2027 In Australia And How to Avoid It? | Solar Emporium

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) warns of a potential power shortage starting in 2027. They are urging immediate action to avoid an energy crisis. Also Visit

Can Electric Heat Pumps be Used in Commercial Buildings - Cyanergy

Wondering if electric heat pumps are suitable for commercial buildings? Learn about their benefits, costs, and performance in our latest blog post on Cyanergy.

VIC Electric Air Conditioner Incentives Now Available | Cyanergy

Take advantage of up to $4,400.00 in Victorian Government Energy Upgrade incentives to save big this winter on your Gas Bill. Also Visit

Top Ways to Save on Your Power Bills this Winter - Cyanergy

Unlock the secrets to lower winter power bills! Learn the top strategies for saving energy and reducing costs during the chilly season. Start maximizing your savings today! Also Visit

This ultimate guide to understanding every type of solar panel will walk you through the different types of solar panels, their benefits, and considerations. Also Visit

New $750 Tesla Powerwall Rebate For Australia | Solar Emporium

Tesla has dropped their newest and cheapest $750 rebate for Australia. The registration timeline is from August 11, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

Australian Families Are Saving Thousands on Their Energy Bill with Heat Pump Hot Water Technology - Cyanergy

Hot water bills weighing you down? Australian families have found the secret to slashing costs with heat pump hot water technology. Discover the smart, efficient, and money-saving solution in our latest blog. Dive in and start saving today!

How Much Energy Does One Solar Panel Produce in Australia? | Solar Emporium

A standard solar panel in Australia typically produces around 300 to 370 watts of power per hour under optimal conditions. It is approximately 1.2 to 1.48 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per day. Also Read

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Join the shift towards electric hot water systems among Australian homeowners. Explore the 5 compelling reasons behind the move - from efficiency to sustainability. Read More

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Get answers to 7 key questions about Australia's Renewable Energy Target. Explore its significance, goals, and impact on a sustainable future. Read now to stay informed. Also Visit

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To calculate the electrical load, consider all the electrical appliances, devices, and equipment connected to the electrical system. Also Visit

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Discover how electric heat pumps can revolutionize your water heating system with unparalleled efficiency. Learn about the benefits and features of these innovative devices, and how you can get a generous rebate from the government to upgrade your water heater today. Also Visit

How to manage your solar panel system | Guide 101 | Solar Emporium

It is advised that your solar panels be serviced at least once every two years to guarantee that your system is running properly and safely. Also Visit