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cPanel Preferences and Advanced Features

Advanced features: Cron Jobs. Indexes. Error Pages. Apache Handlers. MIME Types.
Preferences features: Password and Security. Change Language.
Change Style. Contact Information. User Manager
Applications: WordPress Manager

Installing Web Apps with Softaculous and cPanel

How to install Web Applications using Softaculous. Softaculous is a collection of over 375 installation scripts such as WordPress that you can access from your cPanel

Using the WordPress Manager with cPanel

We deprecated the WordPress Manager cPanel interface Please navigate to the new WordPress Toolkit interface

User Manager and Unified Logins | cPanel Blog

As you may have heard at cPanel Conference or read on our blog, access is everything, so we are focused on bringing a unified experience for End Users and cPanel Account Owners alike. Unified Logins One of the most commonly requested features we receive is to unify End User logins. It can be confusing for

Creating Apache Handlers with cPanel

Configuring Apache to handle a new file type with an existing handler by adding the handler and extension.
Apache comes configured to handle HTML and SHTML files , CGI scripts and server-parsed files (SSI).

Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS –

Open source software which you can use to easily create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Your content, your design, and your data always belong to you. With WordPress you’re free to tell your story, grow your brand, or simply be yourself.

How to Change the Interface in cPanel with Video

cPanel Tutorials. Use this cPanel interface to choose a style in order to customize the cPanel interfaces appearance

cPanel Hosting Services

For hosting personal to business websites, blogs, ecommerce, forums. Whether you are looking for simple website maintenance or to work on your next big project, cPanel is the best choice
With a useful range of add-ons bundled together like Softaculous app installer, adding email accounts, domain tools. With over 80 different features. cPanel allows users to fully manage their website.

How to Change the Language in cPanel

This feature allows you to choose the view in cPanel to 4 different languages, English, Spanish, German, Russian. There is a wide selection of other languages available if you prefer to use an alternative. We have deprecated and removed our legacy locales. To reinstate partial language support, use the files in our locale repository.

cPanel Tutorials - Change Language Video

How to change your interface language. Filmed in cPanel & WHM version 76. Music by

Creative But Strong Passwords You Will Remember

The anatomy of a good password. Using strong passwords lowers overall risk of a security breach. Be wary of password generators. Using the tips mentioned below will help with good password security. This can be especially important for online banking and any other sensitive website.


Softaculous lets you focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them. Install PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript applications to your domain with just one click using Softaculous auto installer.

Using the User Manager with cPanel

This cPanel tool supports a variety of options to manage user accounts. email accounts, FTP accounts, editing accounts, changing security credentials and more. The User Manager in cPanel is a friendly and easy to use interface which allows you to add, edit and delete user access to your domain. Using this feature, you can setup many important features for your users.

How to Set Up and Configure your Contact Information in cPanel with Video

Changing your Contact Information
To change your contact information, perform the following steps:
1) Enter the desired contact information in the text boxes
2) Select your desired notification settings in the Contact Preferences section.
3) Select your desired AutoSSL notifications setting in the AutoSSL Notifications section.
4) Click Save.

cPanel Tutorials - Contact Information Video

How to configure your contact information and notification preferences with cPanel's Contact Information interface. We recorded this in cPanel & WHM version 7... cPanel Video

Introducing Jupiter – A New Look For cPanel | cPanel Blog

Learn all about Jupiter, the new user-friendly cPanel theme designed with you in mind!

Using and Setting Up Different MIME Types in cPanel

From RSH Web Services. MIME types relay information to the browser about how to view different file extensions and new file types as they become available. MIME stands for Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions. MIME types form a standard way of classifying file types on the Internet. Internet programs such as Web servers and browsers all have a list of MIME types

cPanel MIME Types - cPanel Tutorial Video

cPanel MIME Types - cPanel TutorialDownload the Best Cpanel GuidecPanel User Guide and Tutorial: Get the most from cPanel with this easy to follow guide http...

WHM Tutorials - How to Configure Apache PHP-FPM in MultiPHP Manager

This video shows you how to use Apache PHP-FPM in the MultiPHP Manager interface in WHM, for cPanel & WHM version 76.Documentation Links:* MultiPHP Manager -...

Using the Custom Error Page Interface in cPanel with Video

Advanced > Error Pages

Custom error pages or 404 Not Found Page are displayed when a user enters a wrong URL, an outdated URL or when the user is not authorized to access a specific directory of your website
The Error Pages feature allows you to define custom error pages for any HTTP status code

cPanel Tutorials - Error Pages

This video demonstrates cPanel's Error Pages interface. You can use this interface to create your own error pages. We filmed this video in cPanel & WHM version

Setting up Cron Jobs in cPanel with Video

Cron Jobs

A cron job is a Linux command used for scheduling tasks that the system runs at predefined times or intervals.
This is normally used to schedule a job that is executed periodically.

Advanced - 11.44 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Apache Handlers.
API Shell.
Cron Jobs.
Error Pages — This interface allows you to customize the appearance of your error pages. An error page informs a visitor who tries to access your site whether there is a problem.

Using the Track DNS feature in cPanel

This cPanel network tool allow a user to find out information about any domain name or run a traceroute to your website from your location. The Domain Lookup tool executes the host domain command, where domain represents a specific domain name. This command resolves an IP address from a specified domain name and returns general DNS information about the server.

What does a 404 Error Mean?

The 404 error indicates that while the Web Server itself is reachable, The requested Web Page is not found. Creating a better 404 page could help people navigate your website, and possibly they will stay despite the inconvenience.