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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 6 Must-Visit Attractions in Guangzhou- A Deep-rooted Dreamer’s City
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6 Must-Visit Attractions in Guangzhou- A Deep-rooted Dreamer’s City

Dubbed by tourists as the 'The City of Dreams', this historic Southern China metropolis is an arresting blend of modern conveniences and traditional whimsicality that sparks the imagination while touching the heart. Here's what you can't miss when visiting this unconventional heritage enclave.


The Chimelong Phenomenon

If you're fascinated by old-time architecture, avant-garde cityscapes, and quirky tributes to human ingenuity in the form of waterfalls comprised of porcelain toilet accessories and ceramic pillows displayed at imperial mausoleums, you'll have no end of thrills in this timeless metropolis. But if you're eager for some seriously adrenaline-packed adventures that will awaken the wide-eyed inner child within you, Chimelong Paradise is an Adventureland hosting an awe-inspiring assortment of attractions customised for every brand of fun-lover. From the spacious ecological realms of Chimelong Safari Park hosting exotic animals like white tigers, panda triplets, kangas, and giant salamanders to the exhilarating rides of Chimelong's jungle-clad water park and iconic amusement park, this experiential hotspot has no end of imaginative escapades in store!


White Cloud Mountain

Whether it's the theatrical ruggedness and iridescent cascades of Gulong Canyon, the intriguing Bamboo forests enwreathing Qianlonggou Waterfall Mountain or the dreamy magic of the 'Moon Lake' reservoir witnessed from Five Finger Mountain, the precincts of Guangzhou are enriched by nature-kissed majesty. However, if your itinerary is too full for a day trip, there's a storybook outpost overlooking the jewel-toned glamour of the ancient city that you don't want to miss! No matter which seasons you visit, White Cloud Mountain is exquisitely Instagrammable and full of unique fascinations, from its blooming tropical greenhouse and crystalline Luhu Lake to its decadent tropical garden and heritage-rich 'Stele Forest' etched with calligraphy and poetry from ages long past.


Huacheng Square

A city of abundant flowers, cloudy mountains, and pearly seas, this otherworldly port settlement fuses ancient heritage sites with dazzlingly futuristic structures like the gargantuan Italian and Chinese-inspired Guangzhou Circle and the renowned Canton Tower with its bougie shopping, dining, and recreational diversions. If you have a fancy for the ultra-modern and deliciously outrageous branch of engineering, let your jaw drop to the floor at Huacheng Square as you absorb the stunning structures of the Guangzhou Library, Guangdong Museum, and International Finance Centre. If you have time, Tianhe Promenade is another idyllic showcasing of the contemporary architectural marvels of this multi-faceted city, effectively situated against the scenic contours of the Pearl River.


Shamian Island

A tiny enclaved that once served great dynasties as a foreign trade rendezvous, Shamian Island has the atmosphere of an old-world European town separated from the metropolis by a humble canal. This pedestrian-only haven is full of atmospheric enchantment with the vintage grandeur of its Gothic, Neoclassical, and Baroque buildings, as well as its charming East-meets-West ambience, leafy green corridors, and picturesque boutiques and eateries, including a vividly blue colonial-style Starbucks!


Redtory Art & Design Factory

If you're keen to absorb the latest trends in art and innovation, the Redtory Art & Design Factory is adept at bringing out functionality from artwork and allowing creatively engineered designs to come to life in a productive and meaningful way. Here you can watch how philanthropy, artistry, and science can combine to change the world through a series of exhibitions and programmes. If you're looking for a sophisticated serviced residence in Guangzhou proffering prime access to its diverse allurements, venture no further than Ascott ICC Guangzhou.


Bustling Retail Enclaves

Whether it's the Qingping Market with its fusion of bizarre and sometimes unsettling wares from traditional medicinal herbs to tiger paws and dried seahorses, neon-lit retail districts like Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street for fast fashion bargains, or luxe malls floating in cutting-edge skyscrapers, the shopaholic within you is in for a wild treat!