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Information Technology

The term IT stands for Information Technology. In today’s world, technology has become an integral part of our lives. We use computers, smartphones, tablets, etc., for almost everything – from banking transactions to social networking. As a result, we have seen a huge increase in demand for skilled professionals who specialize in information technology (IT).

Jade Shop Floor Management (JSFM) Solution for Fabless Semiconductor Industry

Jade developed a solution named as Jade Shop Floor Management (JSFM) on top of Oracle Fusion & NetSuite for the fabless semiconductor industry to address the requirements around lot-based manufacturing. Read more.

How Can NetSuite ERP Help a Company’s Expansion Into Global Markets? | Jade

In today's fast-moving era, where companies have their offices in various locations, going international seems a viable option to improve the brand reach and customer base. The benefits of internationalization are numerous. It presents an opportunity to expand the company’s reach and improve its ability to serve its customers.

NetSuite Customization Guide For Automation Success | Jade

Oracle NetSuite customization can be utilized across many industries and different company sizes. Because of this trait, NetSuite has been flexible enough to accommodate the business needs of various enterprises.

NetSuite vs. Intacct: Determining the Best ERP System for Growth

Companies determining whether NetSuite or Intacct best meets the needs of their growing business should focus on industries, implementation, and functionality like HR and CRM.

Considerations for End to End Enterprise Solution with NetSuite and Salesforce | Jade

NetSuite and Salesforce are two of the most popular SaaS providers catering to ERP and CRM needs of businesses. Though NetSuite has a CRM module, most users prefer to combine the two applications in order to enjoy the best possible combination of “Lead to Cash” process.

Importance of QMS in the Life Sciences Industry- Blog

Life sciences organizations are required to get quality management right the first time. Regulatory compliance is the top concern. Jade Global discusses how QMS in life sciences defines and formalizes a method that helps achieve quality policies and objectives by a predefined Process and Procedures. It is a structural way to work in an organization to deliver the best quality products and services.

5 Reasons Life Sciences Organizations Need Cloud ERP

Pre-revenue and SMB life sciences companies have specific needs, including going public, raising funds, successfully finishing stage II clinical R&D trials, and preparing for commercial launch, among others.

Accelerating legacy platform migration to Boomi – Blog

Build new integrations and business logic 5X faster with Jade Global's dexterity in leveraging Boomi Platform’s low-code development environment, with its drag-and-drop interface, to enable developers and do away with the upkeep and complexity of traditional legacy middleware platforms

Understanding Business Value for Automation - Journey from Service Management KPIs to Business Value Driven KPIs

As organizations mature their Journey from IT Service Management to Business Service Management, what KPIs will make sense? How can a managed service provider help here? Is it only through automation or through understanding business value of automation

Maximize power of Snowflake Cloud Usage by monitoring key metrics of usage and cost using powerful reporting tools

Jade Global has developed state-of-the-art reporting dashboards that are not married to any particular tool (tool agnostic), can be translated via a diverse range of most commonly employed tools, and can be easily deployed so that businesses can quickly and easily monitor Snowflake Cloud Usage and Cost usage metrics

4 Ways Automation-Driven SAP AMS Can Help You - Jade Blog

The role of automation in the AMS model is often high on rhetoric and low on implementation; hence, you need clarity of vision and a clear roadmap to achieve automation-driven SAP AMS Support.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics & SAQL with LWC: Components, Use cases & Implementation Tips

Analyze complex & large data effortlessly with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Know in-depth about Einstein Analytics components, use-cases & implementation of SAQL outside analytics

5-step process to implement effective internal controls within an organization - Blog

Jade Global’s Managed Services experts help implement internal controls, not just as tools to limit downside risks, but open new opportunities through this implementation.

Have you calculated the real cost of your Boomi Implementation? | Jade Global Blog

Jade Global offers the Boomi Implementation Cost Calculator, for free. The best part about calculating your project cost is, your total cost also allows you to get an insight into total savings. And don’t we all want to know that more than anything?

Snowpark Snowflake: A Comprehensive

Learn how Snowflake’s Snowpark supports languages like Scala, Python, and Java—and what this means for you- speed, language and accessing data directly in Snowflake’s Data Cloud

How to Leverage SAP To Meet Withholding Tax Challenges

Join us in this SAP Webinar hosted by Jade Global to understand how you can reduce risk and increase efficiency by effectively using SAP to manage Withholding Tax

How Low-Code Integration can Drive Digital Transformation in your Business | Jade Global Blog

This article examines how low code can drive digital transformation in your business and how it can be harnessed for your Business. It further evaluates the low-code Boomi unified platform and how Jade Global’s expertise combined with years of experience

Build recurring customer relationships with Salesforce CPQ & Billing – Jade

Jade Global is one of the top 20 approved billing partners for Revenue Cloud with Salesforce, with certified Salesforce CPQ and Billing experts with experience in implementing Revenue Cloud, who have work with some of the largest companies worldwide.

How Boomi can Help Enterprises Battle their SAP Integration Woes | Jade

ERP has become essential to business processes in today’s world. ERP systems prove to be extremely beneficial. The implementation advantages override the cost companies incur

4 Key Steps to Consider While Choosing an Integration Platform (iPaaS) | Jade

Before we discuss how to choose the right integration platform or iPaaS, let’s understand why an organization would need an integration platform.

Top Managed Services Trends that will Change the Future of Businesses

Learn four of the top managed services trends you should look out for in 2021. These are the key predictions to help future-proof your business against disruption and ensure continued growth.

Three-Step Approach to Transforming Customer Experiences with AI/ML led Managed Services

By 2024, close to 95% of customer engagements will be underlined by Artificial Intelligence. With customer expectations rising and apparent anticipation for more integrated omnichannel and highly personalized experiences, AI will prove to be a trump card in providing smart, easy, smooth, and convenient interactions, rethinking, and inventing the entire customer experience canvas.

It's a SaaS World Out There: Get a Grip on Your Expectations | Jade

These are popular words in cloud service provider ads. And these words seduce many companies, as that’s their purpose. That’s what they’re supposed to do.

How Snowflake Accelerates Data Preparation for the Analytics Era

Are you looking to build up your data warehouse, optimize reporting performance, or find ways to visualize it more clearly? Speed, elasticity, cloud agility

Maximize power of Snowflake Cloud by monitoring key metrics of usage and cost in PowerBI

Jade Global built state-of-the-art Power BI dashboards to easily monitor Snowflake Usage and Cost consumption metrics.