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Updated by Marian Martinez on Oct 12, 2022
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Best Indoor Plants In The Philippines

Besides aesthetics, placing different indoor plants across your home provides other valuable benefits. Many people enjoy living and working amidst beautiful plants because they naturally reduce stress levels, improve air quality, and boost productivity. These are some of the primary reasons why Filipinos started building indoor gardens inside their humble abodes. So if you’re looking for indoor plants in the Philippines to join the bandwagon, you’ve come to the right place!


Snake Plant Trifasciata

The Snake Plant Trifasciata is one of the low-maintenance indoor plants in the Philippines as it can tolerate low and medium lighting, and once a week of watering.

This beginner-friendly plant has big water storage, which means missing watering schedules will not keep it from growing too much. Just remember to drain water out of its pot to avoid rotting roots.


ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Plant, also known as the ZZ Plant is one of the indoor plants in the Philippines that requires low maintenance. Its wide, smooth, emerald green leaves make it an attractive decor accent, brightening any room it is placed into.

Those without a green thumb will find growing a ZZ Plant incredibly easy because it tolerates low lighting. It is drought-tolerant as well, requiring only once a week of watering. Some owners even say that they only water their ZZ plants once a month.


Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa is one of our most aesthetic indoor plants in the Philippines and one look is enough to know why. On top of its heart-shaped leaf design, it also features a unique split-leaf appearance.

For optimal growth, this ornamental plant should be placed under bright indirect sunlight and watered once to twice a week. You will surely fall in love with this indoor plant for sale in the Philippines because it improves indoor air quality as well!


Licuala Grandis

The Licuala Grandis, also known as the Ruffled Fan Palm is one of our most unique indoor plants in the Philippines because its foliages are pleated and fan-shaped. As a true tropical plant, the Licuala Grandis thrives under bright indirect light and once a week of watering.



The Homalomena Rubescens is the best indoor plant choice for you. Its glossy heart-shaped leaves that grow out of its long red branches are enough to become the focal point of your interior decor.

Homalomena plants like moist and well-drained soil. It would also be best to place your Homalomena in a spacious area and under high indirect light. This indoor plant spreads lushly over time.


Palm Tree

As one of our easy-to-care-for indoor plants in the Philippines, the Palm Tree is an ideal drought-tolerant plant for beginners or those people without much time for extensive plant care. Its lush feather-like foliages and ringed trunk do the job of adding a tropical beach vibe to any space.