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Australian Visa that you need to know via ONEderland Consulting

The updated news and info for Australian Visa via ONEderland Consulting


Resident Return Visa 155: A Visa to Extend Your Travel Facility

Resident Return Visa 155 allows Australian permanent residents to extend the travel facility. Check it out here!

Bring Your Loved One to Australia With Dependent Visa: How to Apply?

Dependent Visa Australia is a solution for anyone who wants to reunite with their loved ones in Australia. Find the details here!

What to do If My Australian Visa Gets Rejected? How To Appeal To AAT

We discuss about possibe option if your Australian Visa Gets Rejected. This applies for Skilled Visa, Partner Visa or Working Visa.

How to Get PR of Australia: 408 Visa to Permanent Skilled Visa

Wondering how to get PR of Australia from 408 Visa? But you don’t have a sponsor? Find your options with skilled independent visa here.

How to Get PR in Australia: 408 Visa to PR with Sponsorship

If you are wondering how to get PR in Australia from a 408 Visa with potential sponsorship, this article is for you.

Getting Married After Overstaying Australian Visa, What Are Your Options 2023?

It's still possible for you to getting partner visa even if you married after overstay Australian visa. Learn your option as explained by our expert.

Submitting a Visitor Visa Application From High-Risk Country

Applying visitor visa to australia from a high risk country. See if your country under high or low risk country and how to avoid visitor visa refusal.


Reason to Live and Work in Australian Regional Area – Complete Information

Reason to Live and Work in Australian Regional Area – Complete Information

There are several reasons to stay, live, and work in Australian regional areas, which have been designated as well-established places which make them welcoming to migrants.
The designated regional areas are not isolated rural places. Compared to the main cities, regional areas have lower housing costs and offer a higher standard of living for the average wage earner.


A Consequence of Bogus False Documents for Australian Visa 2023

A Consequence of Bogus False Documents for Australian Visa 2023

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will undertake on your Australian Visa application is complete and comprehensive.
And should you submit bogus or false documents for an Australian visa application, it is extremely likely that the Case Officer will be able to determine if your submissions are fraudulent.


BREAKING NEWS! Updated Australian Visa Charge 2023-24

BREAKING NEWS! Updated Australian Visa Charge 2023-24

On 23 June 2023, the Australian Government announced the new Australian visa charge. The new visa fee Australia will commence in July 2023.
It means, if you lodge your visa application in July 2023, the new Australian visa fee applies to you.


7 Steps How to Convert Visitor Visa To Partner Visa Married 2023

7 Steps How to Convert Visitor Visa To Partner Visa Married 2023

Decide the best option is to get married in Australia and the good news is that you can do this without having to leave the country. In this post, will walk you through the process of how to convert your temporary visitor or commonly known tourist visa to a partner visa on the basis of marriage – it’s more simple and more straightforward than you might think.


What Options Available If Overstayed Australian Visa

What Options Available If Overstayed Australian Visa

People overstay for a number of reasons whether it is because they want to stay in the Country because they have family, friends, a relationship or just a life in general and see no options in which they have to stay. Maybe it is because they are scared to return back to the life they had in their home country and feel more comfortable in Australia. It might be that they simply didn’t understand the limitations and conditions of their visa and are unaware that they have overstayed their Australian visas.


UPDATE: Australia to Increase Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023

UPDATE: Australia to Increase Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023

The government of Australia has announced plans to increase the number of visa sponsorship jobs available to foreigners in 2023. This move comes as the country seeks to attract more skilled workers to its shores and stimulate its economy.
Australia was facing a massive labour shortage. To fill that gap they heard that 200,000 Foreign Workers will come to Australia in 2023 for work Opportunities.


482 Visa Latest News: 482 Visa PR Pathway Gets Broaden in 2023!

482 Visa Latest News: 482 Visa PR Pathway Gets Broaden in 2023!

482 Visa PR pathway is updated! On 8 May 2023, the Australian government announced that 482 visa holders would have a broader pathway to become permanent residents.
The Australian government also eased some requirements for the 482 visa holders.

Immigration Program 2023-24 Update: Australian Visa Fee Increased

Just like other financial year, visa application fee for Australia is expected to increase from July 2023.

UPDATE: Immigration to Australia – Visa Changes in July 2023

Australian financial year is almost here. Get yourself updated with the updated Australian immigration news here.

Tourist Visa Refusal to Australia - Can I Apply Again?

Tourist visa refusal to Australia must be frustrating. Instead of giving up, check out the details here for your next move.

Your Option to Stay and Work Longer with 408 Visa in Australia

Australia 408 Visa might provide you with various options to apply for permanent residence. Check information and the details here.

Eligible New Zealand Citizen - Complete Definition and Information

Familiar with terms Eligible New Zealand citizen but not sure who they are? Find the full explanation here.

UPDATE: Pathway to Australian Citizenship for NZ Citizens

Starting from 1 July 2023, a direct pathway to Australian citizenship for Kiwis comes into effect. Find the details here.

Changes in Partner Visa: Relationship Breakdown and Your Options

Are you facing Partner Visa relationship breakdown? See the details and options here.

What Does a Migration Agent Do? - Complete Guidance

Get a complete overview of the duties and responsibilities of migration agents, along with their job roles here.

English Requirement for Australian Visa - General Information

Meeting the English requirements for Australian visa is important as it determines your chance to migrate to the country.

English Requirements for GSM Visa – All You Need To Know

If you are one of the General Skilled Migration Visa applicants, English requirements is one of your required documents you need to prove.

Visa English Requirement – Nominated Skilled Worker and Employer-Sponsored Visa

Meeting visa english requirement is one of the main requirements for your working visa. Find the details here.