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Headline for Best Water Sports in the Maldives With the Best Prices & Top Operators – Give in to your adventurous spirit!
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Best Water Sports in the Maldives With the Best Prices & Top Operators – Give in to your adventurous spirit!

Planning to visit the Maldives for an adventurous holiday? You’ve made the right decision! With the offer of a fun holiday suffused with adventure, the Maldives attracts thrill seekers.


Scuba diving

One of the most sought-after water sports in the Maldives, scuba diving is an activity offered by many island resorts. This is one of the best ways to explore the enchanting underwater world of the Maldives. There are tour packages that offer diving at discounted prices, and there are dive centres where you can learn the sport as well; you can also earn your PADI certificate here.


Catamaran sailing

Your list of the best things to do in Maldives should include catamaran sailing. The activity is offered by a number of tour operators and resorts. This can be an individual experience or a shared experience. You don’t need to have any swimming experience for catamaran sailing, and the best time for the activity is from November to April.


Jet skiing

Visit between April and October for jet skiing. It is another version of water skiing, but it’s much noisier. You’ll sit on the jet ski and ride across the waves. You can enjoy this by yourself or share the experience with your partner or a friend – if jet skiing is something you want to do, check with your hotel; some resorts don’t allow the activity as it causes noise disturbances



If you want something both adventurous and relaxing, consider kayaking. You can explore the beautiful coastline of your resort island on a kayak and enjoy encounters with endemic flora and fauna. You don’t need to be skilled in swimming to enjoy kayaking, but most tour operators prefer for tourists to have a swimming experience.


Banana boating

This is an excellent activity for families. You’ll zoom across the waves while being strapped to a banana-shaped boat. Banana boating is one of the most exciting activities in the Maldives. The best time for banana boating is from April to October. The duration of the activity is typically 20 minutes, but it can be longer depending on the tour operator.



How do you like flying over the blue waters of the ocean? Parasailing is one of the top water sports that bring out the adventurous spirit in anyone. Apart from the thrill of being above the water, you are also offered beautiful panoramic views of the islands. You need a streak of daring spirit to enjoy this. Those who are not comfortable with being up in the air should put their worries to rest; the parachute is attached to a boat, so you will be completely safe. The period from April to October is the best time for parasailing.



The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for surfing. In the Maldives, you can surf across the waves to your heart’s content. You can find numerous breaks and swells across the archipelago. April to October is the ideal time for surfing, and you need to be able to swim. The cost is about 130 USD per person, and the duration is about two hours.



If you love skiing in the snow, you are going to love water skiing. This is like regular skiing, but you’ll be skiing in the water. As you glide over the waves, you’ll meet marine animals like dolphins and turtles as well. Visit between April and October for the best experience. It costs about 75 USD per person for a 20-minute guided water-skiing session.


Schiller bikes

How would you like to ride a bike on water? Sounds exciting and interesting, doesn’t it? The Maldives offers travellers a novel experience with their Schiller bikes where you can pedal away and feel the wind in your hair as you ride your bike across the ocean. Resorts like Grand Park Kodhipparu have already introduced this new water sport in case you’d like to try it out on your next holiday.

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