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Updated by Mark Jones on Feb 01, 2021
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SharePoint End-User Tools and Resources

This list advocates methods and tools to improve end-user adoption of SharePoint. If you know of a resource or tool that allows a user to learn SharePoint easier and also be more productive when they are up and running use 'Add to List'.

VisualSP Help System for End Users

VisualSP™ is a SharePoint Help System with the main goal of enabling sustainable SharePoint adoption in the organization! It provides SharePoint end users the in-context, on-demand help and training they need to be successful working within SharePoint.

What techniques and tools do you use to improve SharePoint user adoption ?

User Adoption is a big deal. You can implement and customize SharePoint until your hearts content but if your users are scared of it, don't like change or simply find it too hard to learn and find stuff, it will fail. This is often one of the hardest challenges there is.

5 Stages Of SharePoint User Adoption

In the nine years that I've been working with SharePoint, there are some patterns that I've seen emerge as far as user adoption is concerned. In this article, I will talk about the typical five stages of user adoption that I see in organizations, in the order that they tend to happen.

The 7 Vital Rules for Ensuring Users Adopt and Love your SharePoint Implementation

I recently wrote about how you can create a roadmap to ensure your SharePoint 2013 rollout doesn't end up as an epic fail. I have to be honest with you now and let you know that I haven't told you everything -- in fact, unless you do the vital actions below there is a very good chance that your rollout may still "crash and burn.".

SharePoint User Adoption -Key things to mention for SharePoint 2013

By Geoff Evelyn For those entrenched in trying to get information workers to buy into using SharePoint, SharePoint User Adoption seems to be a black art. In a way, it is because the kind of enticements and methods you use will be relative to the product that is being supplied.

Video : Overview of the Top 10 Ways that SharePoint Will Help Drive End User Adoption

Come to this session to see live demonstrations of the top 10 ways that SharePoint will help drive end user adoption and make end users want to use SharePoint. From new social computing capabilities to a new user experience we'll review the top ways that SharePoint will change the way people collaborate, find and share information and keep them coming back to SharePoint. | SharePoint Apps for Outlook, iOS, Android & Blackberry apps bring a consistent user experience for SharePoint from Outlook & Notes, plus iOS, Android & BlackBerry mobile

SharePoint Users Education

Empower all SharePoint users with the on-demand knowledge they need to be successful. Watch these videos to see the solutions we offer.

  • I have spent many many hours working as a SharePoint Developer Architect and Consultant for lots of organisations in the UK such as the NHS, Tarmac, O2, Lloyds of London, Lloyds TSB, BT etc.


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