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10 Traditional Dishes to Look Out for in Singapore - Tickle your tastebuds during your holiday

Singapore is a haven for foodies. Home to a diverse mix of people, the nation brings you an array of dishes. Here's a list of traditional delights you must try during your visit to Singapore.



The best restaurants in CBD Singapore serve several versions of this delicious noodle dish. The curry flavour is perfect for those who like curries, while the sweet-sour flavour is ideal for those who don't like spicy food; you can also find a broth version of this. You can find this noodle dish at almost every restaurant and hawker stall.



This delicious concoction of rice, vegetables, meat, and spices has its origins in the Indian subcontinent. Popular among the Indians residing in Singapore, biryani is one of the must-try traditional dishes. Singapore's Chinatown is the best place to taste biryani, but you can also enjoy this at places like Grand Park City Hall.


Nasi Padang

An inherent part of the Singaporean food scene, nasi padang is another must-try traditional dish in Singapore. This is a rice dish eaten with vegetables and meat. Nasi padang is a simple dish; all you have to do is choose a few curries and meat dishes you like to go with the rice. Some of the curries can be super spicy; avoid them if you haven't tried spicy curries before.


Hainanese Chicken Rice

Another simple yet delicious dish, Hainanese chicken rice is just rice and chicken. What makes it special is that the rice is cooked in chicken broth, and the chicken is steamed. The dish is served with a yummy dipping sauce


Chilli crab

You can tell by the name that this is one of the most delicious culinary delights in Singapore. Hard-shelled crabs are soaked in tomato chilli base and then steamed. The cooked crabs are slightly cracked and fried in a chilli sauce. Bread is the best accompaniment for chilli crab. Although it's called chilli crab, it's not that spicy. However, if you are worried that it's going to be too hot for you, you should ask the cook to make it less spicy.


Hokkien prawn mee

This is a noodle dish made with pork, chicken, squid, and prawns, all seasoned with chilli, vinegar, and soy sauce. Every dish is served with a lime wedge and a side of sambal. Thick egg noodles are the kind of noodles used for this dish.


Barbecued stingrays

One of the most popular dishes found at hawker stalls, the barbecued stingray is a street food delight in Singapore. The traditional version of this is served with spicy sambal – the sambal is made of chillies, tomatoes, and shrimp paste. To make the dish, stingray meat is slow-cooked and wrapped in banana leaf.



Meat served on skewers; satay is another street food item in Singapore. Satay is usually served with a cucumber chilli relish, peanut sauce, and rice cake. Turmeric is the main condiment used for satay, so it's going to smell and taste like turmeric. You can choose from a selection of meats, including pork, chicken, and beef.


Oyster omelette

Without the addition of oysters, this would be a normal omelette. The eggs are mixed with flour, pieces of oyster, bean sprouts, and coriander leaves. You can have this crispy or soft. This Singapore version of the omelette is served with a spicy sauce.


Nasi lemak

This is a rice dish that comes with a variety of add-ons. A plate of rice is topped with a slice of omelette, slices of cucumber, chilli paste, and anchovies. The most authentic version of nasi lemak comes wrapped in banana leaf.

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