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How to eat and order food like a pro in Bangkok – sweet and spicy!

Food in Bangkok, Thailand will feature prominently during your stay and be sure to reserve plenty of time and space to satisfy your foodie cravings by choosing from these temptations listed out below. Whether it is sweet, spicy, salty or tangy, Bangkok’s diverse street food eateries and luxury restaurants will easily coax you into staying on for as long as time permits. Here is your guide to eating like a pro when in Bangkok.


Tom Yam Goong

Tom Yam Goong

Considered the national dish in Thailand, Tom Yam Goong retains pride of place when one yearns for a spicy and savoury broth to indulge in. While ginger, lemongrass and lime leaves are tossed into the broth to enhance taste and flavour, it is the chunky portions of shrimp that would win over your heart and stomach for that matter. Often found on the menus of top restaurants in Bangkok, one will certainly be in one’s element once this dish is presented and it is common to delight in this soup along with a plate of rice.


Som Tam

Translating to Papaya Salad in English, Som Tam serves as one of the finest culinary creations that are prepared best in Bangkok, Thailand. Unripe papaya forms the dish’s core which is grated which in turn, affords a whitish or light greenish colour to the salad. Roughly chopped tomatoes, green beans, chilli peppers, cloves, lime juice, fish sauce and palm sugar paste are added into a mortar before the pestle is utilized to mash all the ingredients together. Once this is achieved, the grated papaya is included and served. Although categorized as a starter or side, Papaya Salad is best enjoyed with a good portion of sticky rice. However, understand that the locals prepare Som Tam with a firm focus on chilli in mind and if your palate isn’t accustomed to consuming hot and spicy fare, then it is best that you make this clear to those who will be serving you.


Phad See-Euw

As opposed to the much talked about Phad Thai which tends to be customized both in Thailand and across the world to varying whims and fancies, Phad See-Euw is as authentic as they come, here in Bangkok. Better yet, the dish is one of the easiest forms of food to prepare. First up, a scalding wok will be needed as a good amount of stir-frying will be required so that the true flavours and textures of Phad See-Euw are an ever-present sight. Normally, a choice of meat within the likes as chicken, shrimp or beef is used as its base. Into the wok goes the meat along with garlic, soy sauce, sugar, egg and Chinese broccoli before the task of stir-frying commences. Additionally, flat rice noodles will be added to the mixture and the result: is a savoury and sticky noodle serving that will successfully pack one memorable punch.



Primarily, a minced meat salad that must be had at least once before you leave Bangkok, Laap which is pronounced as “larp” or “larb” originated in Laos before the Thais took it upon themselves to revolutionize this dish which initially found fame in the hearts of those in Northern Thailand. Made with either chicken or pork, diners opting to make the most of the in-house restaurants provided at city hotels the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel will be handed an opportunity to select a spice level most favourable to their individual palates. Dominated by a careful choice of herbs and aromatic ingredients, Laap though coming off as a side dish similar to Som Tam can be tucked into along with a serving of sticky rice where at the culmination of your meal, a tangy sensation will make its presence felt.

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