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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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5 Hacks When Travelling to Bangkok – Some tips and tricks for an amazing time in the city!

The capital of Thailand is a city that people either will love or hate. But regardless, no one will deny that it's a fascinating place to visit. The western stereotype of endless traffic jams, tourists, and seedy nightlife are only half-truths; one can bypass all that and enjoy what the city has to offer.


Discover some unknown attractions

Some attractions in Bangkok, like Wat Pho and Grand Palace, are like a tradition to visit as they play a significant role in their cultural heritage. So, places like that will always be packed with crowds of tourists on most days. If meandering through throngs of people is not your kind of holiday, Bangkok is large enough for plenty of obscure places that encapsulate culture, spirituality and history. Plan your trip well, do some research to pick places that are rarely visited, and also check the time schedules of important attractions and pre-book tickets to avoid long queues and crowds.


Look out for long queues

One of the major attractions in Bangkok will, of course, be its food; however, locating the best Bangkok restaurants and food kiosks can be overwhelming. But rest assured, if you find locals lining up to get food from a particular establishment, you can bet the food will be good!


You can avoid tuk tuks

The famous mode of transport is ubiquitous in Bangkok, but it is more like a novelty and an experience than the most practical means of getting about in the city. You will realise that tuk-tuks are expensive and contribute to the traffic jams in Bangkok. A better way to get about is via the MRT underground or the BTS Skytrain. Taxis are also cheaper than tuk-tuks. A tuk-tuk can cost almost as much as a metered taxi or perhaps even more. The standard rate is 150 baht for a distance that would cost 50-70 baht on a metered taxi. Or just download Grab, Thailand's answer to Uber – it's available nationwide and at great prices.


Switch to a local sim

Purchase a Thai SIM card to make your travels easier, although Wi-Fi is provided in most restaurants and hotels like Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel free of charge. However, travel data will come in handy if you want to find locations via Google Maps and catch a Grab or an Uber on the go. In all the bigger airports, cell phone corporations have stalls within the arrivals section. Get a SIM card installed efficiently in these counters, which are cheap and easy to use. The friendly and helpful staff will explain the plans and will help you to get started. Dtac and AIS are considered the networks that provide the best nationwide coverage. SIM cards can also be purchased at 7-11 shops all over Thailand.


Research local holidays

You can find many festivals and holidays within Bangkok and Thailand, which provide a charming glimpse into Thai culture and traditions. However, it can also indicate that the city's attractions will get busier than usual. Furthermore, the best accommodations can also get reserved well in advance. While some attractions might be closed to commemorate a holiday. So again, research is important to be conscious of the dates you are travelling, and whether it will impact your travel plans in Bangkok.