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Top Japan Packing List Items- Discovering Gems in Diverse Settings

Whether you're enamoured by Samurais and cherry-blossom avenues or are looking to capture intriguing ideas for creative content, Japan is an traditional nation full of experiential opportunities for contemporary travellers. Here's all you need to delve into this harmoniously innovative land.


A Passport Wallet

There's more to Japan than quirkily convenient vending machines stocked with everything you could (and could never) imagine, graceful kimonos, adorable kawaii mascots, and sushi like you've never tasted before. From steaming open-air hot springs in wintry mountain woods and 'villages' dedicated to rearing wild foxes to custom-built Mario go-karting and roaming through blossomy Onsen towns in cotton kimonos and traditional wooden sandals, you can't truly savour Japan if you haven't veered off the beaten path! No matter where you roam, however, make sure you carry around your ID documents, passport, cash, cards, and other valuable essentials on your person in a neck wallet hidden beneath your clothing.


Pre-booking Print Outs

An in-depth exploration of this ancient and abundant land glazed with the sheen of futuristic technology and decorated with nature-kissed wonders requires the intimate knowledge of a local guide and making up an itinerary long before your board your flight. A great way to ensure a hassle-free and relaxed trip, just in case you misplace your devices, your battery dies, or technical difficulties arise at a crucial moment, is to carry soft copies of all your crucial documents, such as tickets and reservations for pre-booked activities and experiences. If you're looking for a value-added Japan Holiday Package for a smooth and enriching trip, venture no further than Mackinnons Travels.


Suitable Footwear

The beautiful concept of Omotenashi is something the Japanese take pride in, extending help and hospitality to whomever they meet. However, each culture attaches value and meaning to different things, and if you want to preserve harmony and camaraderie with the people of a country known for its polite mannerisms and considerate nature, it's a great idea to read up on its social norms and etiquettes. For instance, flip-flops are considered impolite in many social contexts- especially if you're visiting imperial buildings, restaurants, or invited to someone's home. Therefore, it's a good idea to bring along one or two sets of plush sandals or walking shoes that can stylishly and comfortably measure up to any occasion.


Portable WiFi

From conveyor belt 'dessert trains' and kaleidoscopic sky-high observatory views over the world's busiest street crossing to atmospheric old-world towns featuring Instagrammable vintage bell towers and transporting theme parks like Edo Wonderland, there are plenty of wonders to be harvested during your short stay. For maximizing efficiency and preventing delays, it's essential to come equipped with handy tools for uninterrupted convenience; these include a universal power adapter, lipstick-sized portable charger, and a pocket WiFi, as free WiFi in Japan is limited.


Packing Cubes

While smart minimalist packing is a great hack for any trip, it's even more vital for getting around Japan, especially via its popular and comprehensive railway networks that involve weaving through throngs of people at railway stations and limited luggage space in train compartments. Using packing cubes is a great way to organize your luggage, bringing just what you need and leaving plenty of room for souvenirs and mementos to take back, from unbelievable Japanese snacks to unique findings from irresistible 100-yen Daiso stores.

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