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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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The List of Must-Have Drinks in the Maldives – Keep yourself well-hydrated while having fun

Planning to visit the Maldives to get sun-soaked? You should think about ways to hydrate yourself. The Maldives has a list of delicious local drinks that are sure to quench anyone's thirst.


Bottled water

This doesn't seem like a unique drink, and it certainly doesn't belong on a list of must-have drinks; only it does. Bottled water in the Maldives is a special drink because the country doesn't have any natural source of water. The tap water here is desalinated water unsuitable for drinking. So, the only source of drinking water available in the Maldives is bottled water. Tourist hotels, like Saii Lagoon Maldives, provide their guests with a set amount of bottled water per day, but anything exceeding that amount should be paid for.


Fresh juice

You can find all sorts of juice boxes here, but nothing trumps the health benefits of freshly squeezed juice. Some of the exotic choices include mango, watermelon, papaya, and pineapple; you can also have lime juice with soda, which is a favourite refresher among tourists as well as locals. So, for the best holiday in the Maldives, experience the delights of freshly squeezed lemon juice or any juice of your choice while soaking up the sun at the beach.



You wouldn't think there's anything special about coke; you can find it anywhere in the world. But you are wrong; coke in the Maldives is special because the water content of Maldivian coke is actually desalinated water, meaning there's a different taste. You can also visit the one and only coca cola factory in the Maldives; it's located in Thulusdhoo near a surf break called Cokes.


Coconut water

There's nothing like some fresh coconut water under the tropical sun of the Maldives. Water is kind of a luxury in the Maldives, but you can find coconut water everywhere. In addition to hydration, this drink offers you a long list of health benefits. While you can pour the water into a glass and drink it, the right way to drink coconut water is directly from the coconut; the vendor will cut the top off and pop a straw in there, and all you have to do is enjoy the drink.


Ruku raa

Also called raa, this is a must-have Maldivian drink. This is a locally made special drink that Maldivians love. Raa is toddy sourced from coconut trees. You drink it fresh, while Maldivians like to ferment it a little, which makes it slightly alcoholic. There are toppy tappers in the country who collect toddy from trees early in the morning. This toddy isn't just for making the drink; Maldivians also use it to make Maldivian honey called dhiyaa hakuru.



Called sai in the Maldives, tea is the most popular beverage in the country. Most Maldivians like to drink black tea, but you can also add milk to it and make it milk tea. Tea goes well with the local snack called hedikaa, so make sure you order some of that too. As for milk, there isn't fresh milk in the Maldives; there's only powdered milk. In addition to black tea, tourist resorts offer a variety of other tea options; flavoured tea is becoming popular in the Maldives.



Coffee is becoming highly popular in the Maldives, thanks to the emerging café culture. Maldivian cafes offer a variety of coffee options. These cafes are trendy in their décor and atmosphere; the idea is to lure tourists in and keep them there so that they'll keep ordering coffee and snacks


Cocktails and mocktails

Tourist resorts in the Maldives offer a list of cocktails and mocktails, and they employ the best bartenders in the world. While you are here, don't forget to enjoy some of the must-try drinks; they include Maldivian Lady, Sting Ray, Biyadhoo Special, Raa Atoll Classic and Virgin Mojito

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