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Headline for Seafood Dishes in Sri Lanka – No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without savouring the best seafood dishes there!
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Seafood Dishes in Sri Lanka – No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without savouring the best seafood dishes there!

The island of beautiful landscapes, lush rain forests, shimmering beaches and majestic elephants, Sri Lanka is home to a rich history and vibrant culture. Sri Lankan cuisine carries mouthwatering dishes of ubiquitous seafood enticing locals and visitors alike to savour the mouthwatering delights.


Heavenly Crab Curry

Sri Lankan crabs are sought after by many countries, the crab curry is famous for its aroma and heavenly taste. With various types of crab curry preparations being available, visitors are spoilt for choice at many Galle restaurants. The chilli crab curry is famous for its soft and delicious crabmeat with a unique blend of authentic spices and creamy coconut milk, a marvellous combination with steamed rice.


Crave for Lobsters

An oceanic delicacy expertly prepared by chefs at hotels such as Fortress Resort and Spa by steaming, boiling, or grilling it leading it to emanate a mouthwatering aroma. Presented on a bed of crunchy vegetables of different hues it is a dish to be feasted with your eyes before you eat into the delicate flesh letting the accompanying sauces add flavour and spice to each mouthful you savour. A must not miss seafood dish whilst in Sri Lanka. This speciality dish is exclusively priced however worth the price you pay.


Delightful Prawns

Differing in sizes and species with some caught and some cultivated on prawn farms, this dish is loved by all and can be made in numerous ways, each delightful dish arousing your taste buds. Prawn Curry, Batter Fried Prawns and Devilled Prawns are the most popular dishes served all over the island mostly for lunch and dinner.


Tantalising Tuna

This is a versatile fish used in traditional Sri Lankan cooking to make Ambul Thiyal which is a dry preparation of the fish using multiple spices and the sour wonder Garcinia in a clay pot. This flavourful preparation is used as an accompaniment to rice, Hoppers, and String hoppers. On the other hand, Sri Lankan Tuna serves the lovers of Sushi and Sashimi as offered at many leading hotels.


Curvy Cuttlefish

A popular dish among the locals the fish is cut into thin rings and batter fried until golden brown and used as crunchy and yummy appetizers or as an accompaniment to noodles or rice. There are many other preparation styles enjoyed too such as devilled cuttlefish and cuttlefish curry.


Awesome Oysters

Another tantalising dish, Oysters are prepared to perfection by the chefs by grilling them with a blend of spices and herbs and thereafter eaten with barbecue sauce. A taste for oysters can become an addiction in Sri Lanka.


Other kinds of seafood

With the right climatic conditions abounding the ocean around Sri Lanka many species of saltwater fish thrive in the waters. The popular ones apart from those mentioned above are seer, barracuda, shark, grouper, snappers and many more. Sri Lankan chefs can turn out the most delicious seafood dish with any of the above while fish curry, fish fry, batter fried fish and devilled fish are firm favourites.

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