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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 5 Reasons That You May Consider Shifting to a Co-Living Space - Modernistic communal living over traditional Housing
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5 Reasons That You May Consider Shifting to a Co-Living Space - Modernistic communal living over traditional Housing

The hassle of searching for a new home needs no explanation. In light of difficulties in choosing a location, finding responsible roommates, and figuring out your rent, co-living has gained traction as a popular housing choice. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider co-living.


The Affordability - Even more economical than a studio apartment

Sure, there's a whole host of reasons that make co-living spaces an attractive option, but for most people, it is the affordability that makes them adopt the modernistic concept of communal living. If it wasn't so easy on the wallet than traditional housing, it is highly probable that co-living won't be a thing, at least not as a popular choice as it is today. As rent costs continue to soar around the world, especially in and around metropolitan cities, it is no surprise that rent takes up much of an average income, making co-living spaces an easily attractive choice, oftentimes more economical than a studio apartment.


The Convenience - Free of burdensome household management

Anyone who has gone through the onerous task of moving knows that you can never kick back and relax in your new home once you've found the right place to move into. There's still an array of things to be done before you happily settle in. Setting up gas and electricity utilities, finding an internet service provider and looking for "fitting" roommates — well, truth be told, you are down only the first step and have a few more to go. With coliving spaces, however, all of that is taken care of, so you can happily move in, unpack, and relax.


The Flexibility - You commit to (almost) nothing

Are you in a phase of life where you "cannot commit to anything long term" or maybe you want to explore different neighbourhoods or even cities? Coliving totally allows for that. Since you aren't obliged to any long-term tenancy agreement, have no furniture to move around and don't compromise your roommates' living situation as everyone's on their own lease, coliving affords the flexibility to pack up and move out with little to no notice.


The In-built Community - Socialisation from the comfort of your couch

One cannot stress enough the importance of making friends, and how hard it can be to actually make new friends, especially after moving into a new city. On top of all the apparent benefits of coliving, this style of communal living encourages a socialising environment, creating a built-in community where people are open to sharing, conversing with each other and watching a movie together — making going out from the comfort of your couch an actual reality.


The elimination of roommate financial liability - You are independent

When it comes to coliving spaces with the likes of lyf by Ascott, you are not only free of the burdensome task of finding responsible roommates but also of the financial anxiety of roommates not paying on time or packing up and moving early without notice. Since everyone's on their own lease, you are totally independent, as if you are renting out a separate unit just for yourself.

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