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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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How to get to the Maldives from the US – for hassle-free flying

On the topic of travelling to the islands of the Maldives from the United States of America, it is pertinent to note that on top of the long and drawn-out flying time, the cost element will also need one’s careful attention and action. As the option to fly direct is not a possibility, holidaymakers keen on being in the Maldives will be handed either a single stopover or a route that involves two stopovers. In this article, you will be educated on what would work best and be a perfect fit with regard to your travel aspirations.


Commuting from New York City to the Maldives

Although largely dependent on the airline and route that you opt for, expect to be in the air for between 18 to 28 hours. From a cost point of view, those travelling from New York to the Maldivian isles (Velana International Airport) will be required to pay around USD 950 to USD 1,500 for return tickets per person in economy class. A series of flying routes present itself and can be availed of which include stopping over at Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Moscow or Istanbul. For shorter travel times, consider the Dubai stopover onboard Emirates Airlines which comes with a 90-minute layover on top of the 18-hour flight that you will need to ready yourself for. For a shade cheaper than the aforementioned, travellers can book with Qatar Airways but with the sole caveat of an additional 1 hour to cope with when compared with the former.


The route from Los Angeles to the Maldives

Mirroring the route from New York to the Maldives, the alternative of leaving from Los Angeles comes complete with both single and double stopover options. Commonsense will pleasantly inform you that the former will see you pocketing out far less in terms of airfare than the latter and in particular, travelling in economy class would seem the more plausible. Moreover, a return flight ticket in economy class is priced between USD 900 and USD 2,000 with the average hovering near the USD 1,500 figure. From the list of one-stop flights, one would do well to select Doha which is by far the most convenient on the list while those seeking to make their way via Hong Kong will end up paying less than USD 1,000 per person. While the average travel time varies between 29 to 30 hours, the Zurich stopover (Swiss Airways) will only see you commuting for a total of 23 hours which is well worthy of your investment when compared with the Abu Dhabi or Dubai layovers.


Which is the best?

Though quite subjective, there are both pros and cons in this sense and nothing in this article should deter you from planning out your holiday on your own terms if you want to travel equipped with a greater degree of luxury and comfort. However, the route that ticks both the price and travel time boxes outstandingly well is the one that moves through the Middle East. With reference to the best facilities, consider Abu Dhabi via Etihad Airways, Dubai via Emirates or Doha via Qatar. For those of you intending on heading over in business class, then Qatar Airways will prove to be the correct choice while for the complete experience in terms of entertainment and flexible luggage allowances, look no further than Emirates. Although be mindful that you must have chosen and reserved a stay with a hotel or resort in the Maldives. 5-star hotels in the likes of Adaaran Prestige Vadoo will come across as an enchanting way to embark on a Maldivian holiday from the comfort of a water villa.

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