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How to Avoid Traffic in Bangkok – For Pleasant and Hassle-free Travel

There is no doubt that Bangkok would be an interesting city to visit for business or pleasure, offering many novel and enjoyable experiences for the traveller. However, the Thai capital also happens to be well-known for its lively traffic, with innumerable commuters having to negotiate the city’s streets each day. On the other hand, there would be several ways in which you could evade Bangkok’s traffic jams, as described below.


Use the BTS Skytrain

Undoubtedly, the BTS Skytrain or simply BTS would be counted amongst the least costly and most efficient ways of getting around the city. This service consists of two distinct lines, namely Sukhumvit and Silom. You will find that both routes feature access to dining venues, exciting nightlife and engrossing sightseeing attractions. Additionally, the BTS operates from 6 am to midnight, enabling tourists to get on and off it conveniently throughout the day evading the busy traffic below.


Make your way underground

Another effective way to escape the traffic in Bangkok during rush hour would be to use the MRT subway. Although there would be fewer attractions along the MRT routes when comparing it with the BTS, it would still be an easy and quick way to travel within the city. You will find that the MRT route features 18 stops and there are also several linkages where it connects with the BTS as well. You could also take advantage of the MRT airport link in addition to access ways to the Chao Phraya River as well as the canal network.


Try motorbike taxis

Motorbike taxis are found in abundance in Bangkok. Visitors will see that motorbike taxi drivers often hang out in groups, with their bright orange vests indicating their availability. Most of these drivers will have a thorough knowledge of the roads of the city, and the courage to weave through traffic to take their passengers to the desired destinations at express speed. Although there could be an element of danger involved, taking a motorbike taxi will be a quick, exciting ride; however, ensure you get a helmet and you can always ask the driver not to go too fast.


Evade rush hour

Visitors to Bangkok will find that it would be possible to evade the congestion of traffic by simply travelling at times when there are few vehicles on the roads, such as in the early morning hours. However, you must keep in mind that there could be some traffic even at unusual hours. Apart from evading the rush hour times, you could avail yourself of smartphone apps that will enable you to steer clear of traffic jams; one of these would be the popular Google Maps.


Take advantage of the waterways

Another ideal way of avoiding the city’s traffic would be travelling on Bangkok’s waterways including the Chao Phraya River. You will find that experiencing local attractions such as Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) by boat would be a rewarding way of taking in the city’s key sites as well. Instead of sharing the roads with innumerable vehicles, you will find that during your waterway tour you would only have a few ferries and boats for company. An accommodation choice to consider which you could reach through the waterways would be Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel which may be regarded as a centrally located hotel in Riverside Bangkok with a complimentary shuttle boat service too.


Get on the expressway

A good way of avoiding the traffic on city roads would be simply taking the expressway if you have the option to do so. Naturally, you will be obliged to pay a toll, the exact amount of which would depend on the size of the vehicle. Often, taxi drivers may inquire if you want to make use of the expressway; if you need to get to your destination in a hurry, you should undoubtedly take up this offer. In return for the cost incurred, you will have the opportunity to travel to your desired location without the hassle and in comfort.