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5 Tips for Business Travellers to Dubai - Be attuned to the finer points of business travel

Realising the strategic importance of Dubai hub with its rapid growth, stable financial centre and modern airport facilities business travellers are attracted to Dubai. Thus, it is wise to know a few of the salient tips to transact business productively and win the goodwill of the parties involved.


Entering the United Arab Emirates

Most business travellers need a visa to land in Dubai, the exceptions are those travellers arriving from visa-exempt countries as listed by the government and visitors from countries which are eligible to receive the visa on arrival at the airport. If you are a business traveller from a county requiring a valid visa to enter Dubai, please apply for the same at an embassy of the United Arab Emirates in your respective country as a valid visa is key to arriving in Dubai without any problem.


First impressions are key

As you arrive for the first meeting with the business associates, knowing a few phrases of Arabic, such as their traditional greeting as-salaamuu aleikum, meaning may peace be with you and shukran, meaning thank you will be appreciated by your counterparts and earn their goodwill, as you do the initial greetings and exchange business cards and a few pleasantries. Switching to English thereafter is fine. Such phrases will also enhance your rapport with other associates at Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Hotels with whom you would interact during your stay.


Project a good image

In professional settings such as business meetings, especially with business associates who are your clients or principals projecting a professional image demonstrates your credibility. Conventional business attire which is not flashy but has understated elegance will be well received. Females should refrain from low necklines and short or tight-fitting dresses as the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country and conservative dress is appreciated and respected as most business travellers at Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel Dubai seem to understand.


Friday is a holy day

Plan meetings with care avoiding Fridays. Being a Muslim nation, Friday is supposed to be devoted to prayer and rest, on a similar note, Sunday is not a day of rest but a normal working day. Keeping note of these and planning meetings makes it easy for both parties and no misunderstandings or undue inconveniences do not happen. In Dubai, the usual working days are Sunday to Thursday.


Ramadan Period

A profoundly important part of life in Dubai with the commencement of fasting for one month. The impact of Ramadan is felt by the Business Community and if you intend to be in Dubai during Ramadan for a Business Visit ensure to make all appointments ahead of the Ramadan period. Although the business does not come to an end during Ramadan most establishments close early at 1 pm or 2 pm which may be difficult if you are trying to close a business deal or proposal. There are practical workarounds possible to overcome this such as scheduling meetings only in the morning, and appreciating the holy month of fasting by wishing your business associates. If you get invited, please attend the Iftar functions and suhoors too to demonstrate appreciation.

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