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Kohinoor Rope

Kohinoor Rope remains committed to supporting commercial industries with traditional products (ropes, nets, float line, yachting line, lead line and double braids). We are a well-recognised name in the national and international market for delivering excellence quality.


custom rope

custom rope

Looking for customized rope? Kohinoor Rope offers customized MEG4 certified ropes, nets fabricated in multiple colors & is available in twisted & braided versions.

Tech Plus

Tech Plus is made from high density Polypropylene Yarn They are often made out of heavy-duty material and are regularly used in the construction and transport industries for tying loads and materials and transporting goods to different heights of work, such as on scaffolding.

Tech Flex

Tech Flex is a PP/Polyester Mixed Rope which is extremely buoyant in water. It has a very good abrasion resistance, UV & Chemical resistance.

Tech Flex Light

Tech Flex light is a PP/Polyester rope which floats well. It is made from High Tenacity Polyolefin & High Tenacity Polyester. This rope is an 8 strand construction. The melting point of the rope 165 degrees celsius to 260 degrees celsius


It is a high strength Polypropylene Yarn. It has high breaking strength and floats well. It is made of High Tenacity Polyolefin & High Tenacity Polyester. The ropes are designed with good abrasion. UV resistance and heat resistance as well.


Nylotech is a made with nylon ropes. It is specifically made for non floating. The construction for Nylotech is made with 8 strand. The melting point for this rope is 215 degrees celsius, because of the material. The rope has excellent abrasion, with good resistance to UV and heat.


Korolon is a 6-Strand Wire Rope Lay + Core. The main feature of this rope is sinking. This rope is made of Nylon monofilament & Nylon Multifilament. The construction for this rope is 6-Strand + Core. The melting point for this rope is 220 degrees celsius.


Korofloat is a 6-Strand Wire Rope Lay + Core. Its main feature is sinking . It is used for self tensioning winch-lines. The primary material used for this rope is Nylon monofilament & PP Multifilament. The construction uses 6-Strand + Core. The water absorption for this rope is about 2%

Mooring Tails

Mooring Tail has eye splice at both ends, with standard lengths of 1,8m (6ft) and 0,9m (3ft) length.Mooring Tails or mooring Connections are special-length ropes that introduce elasticity in a high Modulus (low stretch) mooring & towing line, providing safer operations. Their primary use is to give elasticity in a low stretch line (High Modulus Synthetic Rope or Wire Rope) which reduces the dynamic loads and extends the service life.

Double Braided Rope

The double braided rope consists of three variants. Polytech, Nylotech and Tech Plus. These ropes are all 12 strand braided. It has a melting point of 256 °C, which makes it highly durable and an ideal choice to use as a halyard, sheet, control line, kicker, backstay and much more.

12 Strand Rope

The 12 strand rope is a sub variant of the double braided rope. It comes in three materials Polyester Fibre, Polyamide Fibre & Polypropylene Fibre. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from white, navy blue & black.

8 Strand Rope

The 8 strand rope just made from 3 different materials Polyester Fibre, Polyamide Fibre, Polypropylene Fibre. All materials of 8 strand rope has good abrasion, heat resistance and UV resistance.

3 Strand Rope

The 3 strand rope is a sub category of the products Polytech, Nylotech & Techplus. Our 3 Strand Rope made from 100% HT polyester fibre is both UV and abrasion resistant. Choose from white, navy blue and black and choose the length and thickness you require. It has a melting point of 256 °C, which makes it highly durable and an ideal choice to use as a halyard, sheet, control line, kicker, backstay and much more.


IR Tech

IR Tech

IR Tech is a PP Industrial Based Rope which has high breaking strength. It is made from Fibrillated Polypropylene Split Film, UV Stabilised. The construction of the rope is a 3 strand. This rope has very good abrasion strength along with good chemical resistance.




Voyager is a high tenacity polyolefin yarn based rope. It's key feature is that it floats well in water. It is made of Modified Polypropylene filaments, UV Stabilised. It is a 3 strand Rope. This product has one of the best UV resistance. The abrasion and chemical resistance is also good.