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Updated by Geoff Neupert on Oct 28, 2023
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Double Kettlebell Complex

Learn the secrets to getting the fastest results possible with kettlebell training.

“The A&P” – Double Kettlebell Complex Fat Loss

Remember to keep your abs pressurized – they’ll most likely “feel the love” after the Push Presses.
This double kettlebell complex for burning fat is one of four days – Anterior, Day 1 – inside a program called, “The A&P,” a double kettlebell complex workout program. It’s designed primarily for fat loss AND building lean muscle.

“The Universe” - Double Kettlebell Fat Loss Complex

Here’s the deal: Well constructed double kettlebell complex fat loss workouts can take as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day, depending on the double kettlebell exercises you use, the reps per set, and the number of rounds you do.

Geoff Neupert on Instagram: "Here's 4 Tips To Combine Kettlebell & Bodyweight Exercises Into The Same Workout And Sti...

Geoff Neupert shared a post on Instagram: "Here's 4 Tips To Combine Kettlebell & Bodyweight Exercises Into The Same Workout And Still Make Make Progress.

Double Kettlebell Complex - “You Don’t Know Squat, 2.0”

The "You Don't Know Squat 2.0" double kettlebell complex is one of the most challenging & "punishing" complexes for fat loss & conditioning.

Double Kettlebell Complex - “Lucky 13” - CHASING STRENGTH.

The "Lucky 13" double kettlebell complex is great for burning fat, building muscle, and improving your conditioning. Use it today.

Double Kettlebell Complex Workout - “Clean ‘Em Up, 2.0”

Here's a challenging double kettlebell complex workout. It will get you huffing and puffing, burn some calories, and leave you feeling great.

Double Kettlebell Complex Workout - "Ballistic Beatdown" Light Day - CHASING STRENGTH.

P.S. If you’re tired of trying to figure out this on your own, and looking for a way to remove the guesswork out of your kettlebell workouts, then you’ll want to use…

Double Kettlebell Complex Workout - "Oh Row You Don't 2.0" - CHASING STRENGTH.

It’s a challenging time-efficient kettlebell workout that’s great for general conditioning, fat loss, and building some muscle on the upper back, shoulders, and posterior chain.

3 Ways to Move Up a Kettlebell Size In The Kettlebell Snatch

If you’re behind on your goals, using the KB Snatch can “catch you up” if you do it right.
Assuming you know how to Snatch correctly, learn more on my following YouTube Channel:

5 Ways To Successfully Mix Kettlebells With Barbells - CHASING STRENGTH.

You may not be using barbells right now. Don’t worry – this information is still for you because you’ll get some new ideas on how to structure your kettlebell workouts programs.

5 Ways To Successfully Mix Kettlebells and Barbells, Part 2 - CHASING STRENGTH.

Ok, here’s the deal – you won’t give up your barbell training but you want to use kettlebells. You’ve got a bunch of the ball-things lying around and you want to incorporate them into your traditional training. I get it. Been there, done that. Still do it. You can too.

"I'm Finished!" - CHASING STRENGTH.

It’s something you do at the end of your workout/training for a variety of reasons, such as metabolic conditioning, mental toughness, fat loss, general conditioning, or some combination of any of the aforementioned reasons.

What Is The "Kettlebell Sandwich?" - CHASING STRENGTH.

Mixing kettlebells into your barbell training shouldn’t be haphazard – it should have a purpose and that main purpose is to move you further ahead to achieving your goals.

A New Way To Think About Mobility and Restoration Work

If you're struggling with stiff or sore joints or muscles, and can't seem to get rid of them, then this video is for you.
Learn More on My YouTube Channel:

The Sore Joint Solution-Email-SP - Chasing Strength

The Sore Joint Solution Gets Rid of Muscle and Joint Stiffness, Soreness, Tightness, and Even Pain For Some, In As Little As 5 Minutes...
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REASON #3 - Drinking Too Much Alcohol (Not seeing a difference in the mirror?)

Alcohol is treated like a poison by your body.
As such, it’s preferentially metabolized above everything else, until it’s been removed.
As you can imagine, this interferes with both burning fat and building muscle.
So, if you want to strip off that spare tire, or build up your arms and shoulders, cut back to a couple of drinks a week.
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The 1993 Rutgers Football Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Program

Let me tell you about one of the “best” periodized programs I ever used:
The 1993 Rutgers Football Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Program.
(And yes, I still have it today.)
I was between my junior and senior years of college and had switched my focus to Powerlifting. I heard that Coach Rock Gullickson, the Football S&C Coach, was a former powerlifter.

How Daniel 10X’d his Double Kettlebell Military Press and you can too. (Maybe)

Here’s the plan Daniel used. 👉
Imagine with me for a minute what would happen if you chose not to brush your teeth for the next 3 months.
How much plaque, tartar, and disgustingness would be on them - in your mouth?
A ton, right?
How bad would your breath stink?
Probably like a garbage dump, right?

What’s the least you can do and still lose fat from your Kettlebell workouts?

That’s a question I think many of us wonder.
Especially if we’re trying to gain strength, or just finished a strength cycle and packed on a few more pounds / kilos than we thought we would.
Now I’m not necessarily saying fast, but “noticeable”.
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Do the opposite” of what your body is currently used to

So, if you’ve been doing a lot of lower rep, heavy grinds (the slower strength lifts), switch up to higher rep ballistics (the Swing, Snatch, Clean, Push Press, Jerk).
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The King-Sized Killer Snatch Program

'The King-Sized Killer' Program Jump Starts Fat Loss, Strengthens Your Military Press, Improves Grappling Conditioning, Forges A 'Rock Solid' Look, and Even Makes The 5-Minute Snatch Test Feel Somewhat Easy"
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Why not challenge yourself to the SFG/RKC Snatch Test?

Yes, it's hard.
Yes, it may look daunting from where you sit.
And yes, it may take some time. (As many worthy challenges do.)
However, once you accept this challenge, you will engage in a process that, if correct, will help you achieve many, if not most, of your immediate and long-term goals.

Don’t Chase PRs. Let them Come to YOU (Here’s how)

One of the problems those of us who are athletes at heart or competitive by nature is that we turn many of the things we do, especially our workouts, into competitions.
We harness our “inner 18 year old” and work for PRs (Personal Records, or Personal Bests, if you prefer) every single workout.
👉 Check it out here.

Kettlebell Workouts that don’t trash you for work (and kids, and life)

If you want, you can do what John did - remove the experimentation and guesswork and grab a copy of Kettlebell W.O.D.:
Some guys/gals have more active day jobs than others:
Law Enforcement
First Responders (Firefighters, EMTs)
Contractors, and other trades
… To name but some.

“... now we snatch test for breakfast whenever we want!”

If you need a program to help you achieve this challenge, I just got an email from Carlos reporting that after using “The King Sized Killer” 1.0 and 2.0 programs, he and his girlfriend now,
“... snatch test for breakfast whenever we want!”
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