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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Top 7 Best Foods to Eat in Tokyo- Capturing the Taste of The Culinary Capital

A cutting-edge imperial city sparkling with a youthful spirit, Japan's ambient Capital is a joyride for the senses, with its world-renowned cuisine often stealing the show as the main attraction. Here's what your tastebuds can't afford to miss in Tokyo.


Sushi: It Can Do No Wrong

Starting with the blockbuster seafood and vinegared rice bites synonymous with Japan, Sushi hardly needs an introduction, except that, in Tokyo, you will encounter the greatest selection of sushi served in budget-friendly 'conveyor-belt' restaurants and Michelin-starred eateries alike. Whether you're an ardent lover of the classic Nigiri sushi with the perfect ratio of wasabi to soy sauce or prefer the seaweed-wrapped maki, vibrantly wholesome chirasi, or protein-rich narezushi, rest assured that you're in the best possible locale to satisfy your specific cravings. If you delight in sushi variations, don't hesitate to try the Tokyo sashimi, especially the rarer dishes prepared with fugu (blowfish) or kinmedai (red bream).


Yakitori: A Savoury-sweet Energiser

Fuelling up with delicious nutrition is quintessential in a tourist-savvy destination such as Tokyo, with its eccentric fashion enclaves, dreamy parklands adorned in cherry blossoms, authentic old-world neighbourhoods, and mesmerisingly futuristic hideouts like the Digital Art Museum. If you're looking for a quick snack between itinerary stops, this charcoal-barbecued Japanese chicken 'kebab' drizzled in sweet soy and mirin glaze is a perfect melt-in-the-mouth munch for on the go.


Tempura: A Crispy Balanced Diet

If you've had your fill of Japanese hot-pot dishes, such as the steaming crunchy beef-based sukiyaki or the comforting chankonabe chicken broth, but still find yourself famished after a few hours of vigorous shopping at Don Quijote (DONKI), a plate of tempura will keep your spirits up till dinner. Golden-crispy and delicately fried, this seafood and vegetable combo is light on both the tummy and purse strings!


Soba: Versatile Soul-food

This artisan buckwheat noodle, celebrated for its grounding nutty flavour and silky chewiness drenched in unique soba sauce, can't fail to serenade the palate! Served both hot with dashi broth, and chilled with crunchy seafood tempura, this dish is a failsafe crowd-pleaser for all occasions. If you're on the watch for sophisticated furnished apartments in Tokyo close to the city's prime gastronomic hubs, venture no further than Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo.


Unagi: Authentic Seafood Succulence

If you're in the mood to experiment with some bizarre flavours and unusual textures, these generous strips of charcoal-grilled freshwater eel glazed with sweet tare on a bed of fragrant rice will ignite an explosion of piquancy on your tongue. If you fancy another round of seafood uniquity, sample the delicious batter-fried octopus balls dipped in spicy-sweet sauce commonly sold in street stalls, traditionally known as takoyaki.


Japanese Pastries: Multi-layered Decadence

While French cuisine may have a more prominent reputation when it comes to luxuriant pastries, Tokyo is equally iconic for its delectable and highly Instagrammable flaky confections, with a stunning range of fillings, from matcha and Sakura blossom to chestnuts, sweet potato, and red bean paste.


Yoshoku: A Fusion of Favourites

If you're slightly nostalgic for western food but can't stay away from Japanese flavours, well-established Tokyo restaurants like Rakeru will serve you up a scrumptious storm of yoshoku, which are local takes on familiar global dishes. For instance, hamburger patties are served with golden omelettes, flavoured rice, and plenty of sauces, whereas pizzas are decked with nori, shiitake, Manchego cheese, soy sauce, and more!

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