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Places to visit in Riverston and Knuckles Mountain – The unbound wilderness awaits

In Sri Lanka, exploring the wilderness is going to be an irresistible top of your priority list. The unbound beauty of the sheer natural abundance that will be at your disposal to explore will leave you craving more. For starters, you can begin by visiting Riverston and the Knuckles Mountains!


Wasgamuwa National Park

Located in the Matale as well as Polonnaruwa districts of Sri Lanka, Wasgamuwa National Park is a wildlife sanctuary. This park is one of four established as a National Park as part of the Mahaweli development plan in 1984 for the purpose of protecting and serving as a refuge for displaced wild species. Over 150 elephants live in the Wasgamuwa National Park herd, so you may spend the entire day seeing this beautiful animal.



As per a popular narrative, king Ravana supposedly lifted his famous aeroplane, Dhandu Monara, from this spot. Known as an "Air Chariot," Dhandu Monara is an ancient mode of transport but is essentially a giant peacock. Using this Dhandu Monara, he flew to India and captured Prince Sitha there. Located on the boundary between Kandy and Matale, Lagalla is easily accessible from either district.
Knuckles Sri Lanka hotels found in the vicinity of this historical landmark offer remarkable access for excursions or wild glamping to those who wish to further immerse themselves in the wilderness and find a sense of closeness to the fables of the old.


Sembuwatta Lake

Elkaduwa is located in the Matale region of the province of Central which is home to Elkaduwa's Sembuwatta Lake, formed by natural spring water and is also a popular tourist destination. The depth of Sembuwatta Lake is estimated to be between 30 and 40 feet. There is a natural pool with natural spring water located next to Sembuwatta Lake, which has enchanted many nature lovers and is ideal for wildlife photography.


Nalanda Gedige

Nalanda Gedige is an interesting archaeological site that can be found around 20 kilometres north of Aluvihara Temple on the right side of the A9 highway. Located at Nalanda Gedige in northern Sri Lanka, there is a pagoda-like edifice that is entirely composed of stone. In the past, this pagoda construction was in a paddy field not far from the current pagoda structure, although it was built in a later period.


Sri Muthumariammaan Temple

Matale's main landmark is a Hindu temple that towers over the surrounding buildings. You'll quickly notice its massive tower because it's so close to the main road. Gopurams are the name given to the enormous towers adorned with hundreds of statues of gods and goddesses. Most Tamil Hindu temples in India's south and Sri Lanka have gopurams as their most distinctive architectural feature.
The temple's name commemorates the deity's ancient Tamil goddess of fertility origins. Mariamman serves as a protector against all febrile illnesses in the eyes of her modern-day worshippers. In southern India, she is known as the goddess of smallpox.


Manigala Mountain

The Knuckles Mountain Range is home to Manigala. Thelgamu-Oya, a stunning mountain range in the Knuckles range, is a common sight for tourists that ascends the Manigala mountain. A wide variety of landscapes and natural splendours can be found here. It is believed by some visitors that the Manigala Mountain is connected to the famed Himalayan Mountain range in India and serves as a meditation centre for ancient yogis. On the mountain's summit, the Manigala Mountain also has an elephant-like spine-like flat area with a variety of plant and animal life.

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