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Headline for 5 Best Things to Do in Mirissa for A Thrilling Vacation – The beach, sand and the coconut trees
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5 Best Things to Do in Mirissa for A Thrilling Vacation – The beach, sand and the coconut trees

Colombo and Kandy offer some of the best beaches in the country, but another location has a reputation for its coastal beauty. It's hard to leave Sri Lanka's southernmost city of Mirissa without falling in love with its picturesque landscapes, enticing beaches, and world-class restaurants.



The Polhena Beach area is surrounded by coral reefs that provide calm seas and a modest depth, making it an excellent location for snorkelling. The vibrant corals provide a safe haven for a diverse array of aquatic wild animals. Because the water is clean and unpolluted, you will be able to observe the fish in all their splendour. Nevertheless, if you travel there while the monsoon is in effect, you can have trouble seeing clearly.


. Hummanaya

Another well-known destination for tourists in the Hambantota area is the Hummanaya Blowhole, also known as the Kudawella Blowhole. This blow hole has an unusual geological characteristic that produces a sound that may be described as a ho-ho-ho sound, and it is one of the more interesting aspects of the blow hole. You'll be able to pick up on this intriguing sound as it travels to Hummanaya because the waves create it as they strike the rock and cause it to pass through the hole.


Tangalle Beach

People from all around Sri Lanka come to relax in the warm waters and tropical atmosphere of Tangalle Beach. Tangalle Beach, a popular tourist site that can be found in the southern region of Sri Lanka and close to the Hambantota district, is not to be missed. During your trip to Sri Lanka, the beach, which is around ten kilometres long, is an excellent location at which to de-stress and take it easy.
If you are searching for places that are going to be great for dining in Mirissa, check out the Ubuntu Beach Villas for a meal you will never forget.


Island of Coconuts

During your time in Mirissa, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to stop by this island. People typically come here to view the breath-taking sunset and to take in the otherworldly beauty of the tropical setting. The island is covered with a large number of coconut palm trees, which creates a picturesque scene that should be photographed. However, remember to be cautious of falling coconuts.


Galle Fort

When on vacation in Mirissa, one of the top sites you should visit is the Galle Fort, which is located approximately 38 kilometres away from the city. It will take you about an hour to get there, but if you are going on a day vacation, you absolutely cannot miss going there. This fort dates back to 1588 and provides visitors with a look into the history of the area, as well as a viewpoint and many little shops to purchase souvenirs.