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Headline for The best travel hacks in Melbourne – Wow you are visiting Melbourne
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The best travel hacks in Melbourne – Wow you are visiting Melbourne

Melbourne entices visitors with a diverse food scene, world-class retail chains and a host of other attractions however these are amply complemented by some of the best galleries and exhibition venues making the profound presence of art and culture felt thus called the Cultural capital of Australia.


Make your travel in Melbourne a breeze

Use the convenient and on-time public transport system in Melbourne, branded Public Transport Victoria which is a cost-effective and efficient way to get around the attractions and other places of interest. Get yourself a 'Myki' ticket to travel on these trains, trams and buses. Both Victoria Line trains and buses cover a range of routes and the tram system is considered the largest of its kind operating in the world. Evaluate the places to stay in Melbourne considering the proximity to public transport services and be armed with a Myki card. Top it up as you keep travelling around.


Hop on the free shuttle services

An attractive service for visitors and locals, a tourer shuttle service is operated free around the town and a part of the inner suburbs from 10 am to 4 pm, furthermore, city circle trams do free runs in each direction between the outer limits of downtown and up to Docklands between 10 am to 6 pm at 10-minute intervals, so plan to make use of these free rides to save on topping up your Myki card.


Enjoy fine dining without denting your purse

Melbourne has an amazing variety of food at attractive rates for the curious and hungry foodies. Their fine dining establishments have gone that extra mile to treat the locals and visitors with a series of novel propositions such as offering casual and inspired snacks from the same kitchen at their outdoor precinct or offering a similar steak and chips at their bar and many other subtle offers. Keep looking out for these hacks happening on some days of the week, as enjoyed by guests at Avani Melbourne Box Hill Residences.


Be ready for all seasons

Fondly known as having all four seasons in one day, whether you travel in summer, autumn, winter or spring be prepared for the quirky changes. So be armed with layers, a coat and boots so that you can get out even if it turns windy, chilly or stone cold and enjoy the many facets of changing weather in this city.


Be smart in boarding the tram

Some tram stops such as at Southern Cross Station are a challenge as many people pop out, yet more people await to get in. Walking to the previous tram stop will be wiser, as you may get a seat and even if not you would get a better standing position.


Be an early riser and travel free

Touching your Myki card on and off before 7.15 am on weekdays makes save the fare as your train ride is free. So why not plan to make use of this offer whenever you can?


Grab cheap movie tickets

Look out for the movie ticket offers on weekdays at the Astor Theatre and Kino Cinema which go at attractive rates. An ideal experience to enjoy a movie at one of these famous venues in the culture. Capital of Australia.