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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for How to Pack for a Luxury Dubai Vacation – Essentials for an Enjoyable and Hassle-Free Holiday
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How to Pack for a Luxury Dubai Vacation – Essentials for an Enjoyable and Hassle-Free Holiday

The alluring city of Dubai would be a marvellous destination for a luxury vacation, as you will find plenty of shopping and leisure opportunities, entertainment features, sightseeing attractions and interesting things to do here. However, you should keep in mind that Dubai inherits a conservative Muslim culture and you should respect the local norms during your stay. Provided below are some suggestions for packing for your luxury holiday in Dubai.


Take note of what ladies should pack

As Dubai is a warm destination, ladies may pack bathing suits, resort wear and summer dresses, but you may only wear these within the compound of your resort or hotel. Ladies may also pack some flowing maxi dresses, perhaps with summer prints for their shopping excursions. You can additionally take a shawl, cardigan, or lightweight jacket to cover the shoulders and withstand any places that have the air-conditioning turned way up. When it comes to footwear, good choices would include canvas sneakers and strappy sandals.

On the other hand, for visiting mosques, you would need either an outfit such as a chiffon blouse with a long skirt or perhaps some not too tight jeans with a loose T-shirt dress. You would also need a scarf for covering your hair. To enjoy dinner at one of the elegant restaurants in Dubai and some nightlife, you may pack a stylish dress and a lightweight blazer to wear to a club.


Consider what men should take

Similarly, men may pack swimwear to wear at the resort beach but should also pack plenty of more conservative clothes for wearing around the city. Smart casual clothes would be the dress code of choice for men in Dubai, which means that you could take along some elegant shirts and stylish trousers.

However, for shopping trips and other casual settings, you could simply don some flat-front shorts teamed with a T-shirt and stylish sneakers. When it comes to a casual dinner out, a T-shirt with shorts would do, but you would need a formal shirt and a fine pair of trousers for an upscale setting. For a general night out, a poplin shirt, dark jeans and leather loafers would do. An accommodation choice to consider for your Dubai vacation where you can wear both casual and formal attire would be Avani Deira Dubai Hotel.


Be aware of the necessary accessories

There will also be several useful accessories that would come in handy during your visit to Dubai. One of these would be a neck wallet which would be indispensable when visiting bustling bazaars and other tourist attractions. A universal power adaptor would also be a necessary item for your trip, while when packing, you will find that packing cubes would be very useful. Another accessory that would be ideal for Dubai would be a handheld travel fan which would enable you to remain cool during your excursions.

Meanwhile, a compact lipstick-size portable charger would also be a great accessory to have for charging your phone when on the go. Although Dubai’s tap water is considered drinkable, you could use a filtered water bottle which would provide you with additional protection.


Know what not to take

There will also be several articles that you should not take with you to Dubai. You will find that alcohol would be restricted, although you will have the opportunity to buy some when entering the nation at Dubai Duty Free. Certain drugs including narcotics and those that are used for weight loss, bodybuilding, hormone therapy, sexual stimulation and so on may not be brought into the UAE.

Machinery and tools used for gambling are also forbidden. Finally, you could take the opportunity to purchase the latest electronic devices at Dubai’s malls at attractive prices and therefore choose not to bring your old devices with you!