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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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9 Mistakes to Avoid in the Maldives –For an amazing trip!

The Maldives is an exciting place, to say the least, but most tourists end up not making the most of their stay in this dreamy location. Check out the tips below so you won't miss out on all the fun!


Sticking to one island

Most visitors end up staying at their island resort, which is quite unfortunate given the number of islands you could explore within an atoll. Make the most of your trip by charting a boat and a guide to discover other incredible island locations close to your resort.


Not going on a liveaboard

Liveaboards are local cruise ships and houseboats that offer guests the opportunity to travel across the seas and encounter pristine coral reefs, marine life, snorkelling and diving locations. They have multiple facilities alongside their accommodation. You can experience the likes of personal chefs, surfing and diving instructors, a masseuse and other staff catering to all your requirements.


Don't avoid local culture

If you stick to your island resort, you will miss out on what makes the Maldives unique. The country does not only equate luxury resorts, there is a diverse culture surrounding the Maldivian islands and the people who live here. Take an opportunity to experience this by visiting a local village on some of the inhabitant islands or try authentic cuisine from Male.


Forgetting reef-safe sunscreen

One reason that makes the Maldives so spectacular is its coral reefs, however, worldwide they are one of the fastest depleting natural resources on earth. One of the causes is the chemicals in certain conventional sunscreens, which acts as solvents, leaving them brittle and vulnerable to decay. Be an environmentally conscious traveller, and opt for sunscreens that are safe for the seas and the beings who live there.


Overlooking the bioluminescent reefs

The bioluminescent reefs glow in the dark and are a result of a species of plankton that live in the waters. They release chemicals that react with the water to create this phenomenon. The neon blue waters are magical and will be an experience you will never forget anytime soon. Vaadhoo Island in Raa atoll is famous for this attraction!


Not combining the rest of South Asia

A visit to the Maldives is best complimented by visiting other South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia. Many South Asian nations have direct flights to the Maldives and vice versa, what better way to enjoy the continent than by exploring culturally and historically rich countries like India and Sri Lanka to add some diversity to your travels.


Assuming it's not budget friendly

The Maldives on a budget is possible. There are plenty of guest houses and hostels on the islands that can accommodate people of all budgets. Private island resorts are not the only option for travellers, you may get a more enriching travel experience staying at affordable hotels on inhabited islands.


Thinking it's not group friendly

Travelling in groups is a great idea, be it, family or friends, the atmosphere and activities are ideal for some friendly bonding time with many family friendly Maldives resorts out there. Plus, you can even share costs to go all out with the accommodation.


Not staying at an all-inclusive resort

Do yourself a favour and look at all the options available in this regard. As everything is paid for in advance, you won't have to worry about the bill adding up, as all food, and activities will be included in the price you pay. Check out the likes of Hard Rock Hotel Maldives when looking out for options.

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