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5 most famous pieces of art in the world – Discover finest creations in the world

Art is a form of communication, and some creations are considered gifts to humankind as they are amazing works that showcase creativity. Those who observe the artworks will be blown way by the amount of effort put into them. Learn about some of the most prominent art pieces in the world.


The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is undisputedly the most famous painting in the world to date. It was created by Leonardo da Vinci around 1506 and the subject of the painting is a woman softly smiling and is known to be a classic example of High Renaissance portraiture. The female in the picture is believed to be Lisa Gherardini who is the wife of a cloth and silk merchant. This has been a permanent exhibit at the Louvre since 1804 and has been the centre of attention in numerous ways. Only recently there was an activist who smothered cake on the painting to bring attention to climate change but there is a protective layer that shielded the painting from any damage.


The Last Supper

The next painting on the list is arguably the second most popular painting in the world and this was also created by the talented Leonardo da Vinci and was commissioned in 1495 by the Duke of Milan. The massive 15 feet by 29 feet painting depicts the time when Jesus decided to reveal to his followers that someone amongst them will betray him and the amount of detail in the painting is something that amazes everyone to date. It has been on display at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan, Italy since 1495.


The Starry Night

The Starry Night is a painting belonging to the post-impressionist era and was created by the famous Vincent van Gogh. The backstory of the painting is that Van Gosh drew this while he was in a mental health facility and it is the artist's version of the view from his room at the asylum. The starry night with the celestial swirls combined with the dazzling moon was later sold by the painter's wife and has had several owners before it ended up at the Museum of Modern Art in New York which is one of the most famous art galleries in the world.


Liberty leading the people

According to My Entertainment Hub and other blogs and magazines Liberty Leading the People is not a popular painting amongst the common man but one that is popular amongst those that study history. Strong imagery is created with the Notre Dame Cathedral in sight with a smoke-filled backdrop as a personified French Republic called Marianne leads the crowds. This world-renowned painting – by Eugene Delacroix who was a painter from the romantic era – is now at the Louvre in Paris.



The Guernica is a Cubist painting done by the famous Pablo Picasso and stands loud and proud in the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid since the year 1981. The story behind the painting is related to another wartime as it was commissioned in 1937 by the Spanish Republic Government to be exhibited at the upcoming World's Fair in Paris at the Spanish pavilion.