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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Best Dishes You Should Try in Dubai - Popular dishes that have captured hearts!

Dubai cuisine brings together flavours from Iranian, Middle Eastern, and Lebanese cuisines. Treat your taste buds to some of these delectable dishes for the ultimate culinary adventure!


The Iranian Sangak

To all of you who are experts in bread, greetings! The Iranian speciality sangak is a delicacy that has no trouble earning a place on the list of the best dishes served in Dubai, and it is one that you should try. This leavened flatbread made with whole wheat and hailing from Iran is an experience that you just must have. It is a well-known cuisine in Dubai, and you really must sample some! It is the snack that health freaks as well the foodies alike turn to when they are hungry in between meals. Looking for places to eat in Dubai that offer a wide variety of flavours? Then you might want to check out restaurants offered by the likes of Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai.


The Manousheh

In particular, if you are interested in trying regional delicacies, you should give manousheh, which is the regional equivalent of pizza, a try. It is a fantastic choice for those with daring taste buds. It's a wonderful option for a delicious dinner. Flatbreads packed with zaatar spices, salt Akkawi cheese, and olive oil make for an exotic topping. It is generally acknowledged to be one of the most delicious street dishes in all of Dubai. Make sure to enjoy them with some sweet jam or with some ground lamb. It is very well-liked by both tourists and the people who live in the area.



Do you find yourself wondering what other experiences there are to be had in Dubai? It is highly recommended that you partake in some traditional Mandi while you are in this emirate. The meal consists of beef and rice, which have been seasoned to give it a taste that will certainly gratify your taste buds. The dish is served with traditional spices. The meat or chicken is barbecued for many hours before being served with rice, which adds a significant amount of time to the preparation time for the dinner. However, the time it takes is well worth it!



This mouthwatering dish is the result of allowing meat and a pinch of salt to be simmered for several hours. It is the kind of dish that will make you wish there was more of it. Al Harees is a popular traditional dish in Dubai, and it is especially popular during the month of Ramadan as well as during festivals and weddings. You will be pleasantly surprised by how kind and helpful the locals of Dubai are when you inquire about the location of the restaurant that serves the tastiest harees.



This is one of the most well-liked dishes in all of Dubai. In addition, the amount of effort required to prepare it is very little. The meal is absolutely irresistible because of its scrumptious mix of rice, beef, and onions, which is then seasoned with salt, seasonings, and both fresh and dried lemon.

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