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Top 7 Most Popular Mauritian Dishes – Dive into island dining

Mauritius is a country with a rich cultural heritage, so it is only natural that the cuisine reflects this too along with the residents who have had an impact on the island's flavours. If you are planning to travel to Mauritius, you must make sure to sample the best of the island's food!


The Bol Renversé

Bol Renversé is a popular Sino-Mauritian dish. In other languages, this dish is known as a "Magic Bowl" and can be found throughout most local eateries under many names, including "Upside Down Bowl."
In the style of chop suey, Bol Renversé is a grain dish served with only a stir-fry sauce. A range of sauces, spices and vegetables along with stock are used to thicken the sauce. Finally, an over-easy egg is served on top of the chop suey, which may include chicken or another type of meat.



They're also known as "Mauritius' Dim Sum" because they're a popular snack for the island's Cantonese population.
The dumplings can be presented in a clear soup that has been flavoured with stock and sprinkled with chives, or they can be served on their own. Granted, Boulette may be obtained all across the island, but it's most readily available near Grand Bay. During the Mauritian winters, boulette is a great food to eat to keep you warm and cosy.



With a tasty blend of spices, this meal has been adapted to the Mauritian palate from its Indo-Islamic roots in Mauritius. A traditional Mauritian dish, Briyani is prepared with basmati rice with an array of herbs and spices, such as crushed cardamom pods and cloves. Once added, it is then time to add the rest of the ingredients and cook them over low heat in a steel pot until they are tender.


The Dholl Puri and Roti

It's safe to say that Dholl Puri and Roti are two of the most popular street meals in Mauritania. Street vendors as well as some restaurants serve both types of Indian-style flatbreads. In most cases, a big line on the street signifies the presence of a vendor from which you may select your fillings and get a cheap but filling lunch. In order to experience true Mauritian cuisine, the best restaurant in Mauritius is tough to name, however, if you visit The Residence Mauritius you will certainly get close to the essence of Mauritian cuisine.


The Gateau Piment

The Gateau Piment is the only other snack to pay homage to Mauritius outside Mauritian dishes. This local favourite can be found at nearly every food stall. Although Gateau Piment is also known as a "Chili Cake" in French, it's not always as fiery as it sounds. Spring onion as well as sliced green chillies season this yellow split pea snack.


Mine Frite

Even in Mauritius, the meal known as Mine Frite Fried Noodles is a popular one. In the Cantonese/Hakka language, the term for noodles is Mein, and the word for fried is Frite. What the locals call "Mine Frite," in this cuisine consists of is Mauritian-style fried noodles that can be combined with a variety of meats and vegetables.

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