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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kalutara - Soak up all that’s on offer in the laid-back beach town

Set only an hour's drive away from the bustle of the Colombo metropolis, the coastal city of Kalutara makes for a quick getaway to savour a slice of blissful, laid-back time away. From palm-fringed sands to fascinating cultural and historical sites, Kalutara has got a lot in store for you.


Richmond Castle - Striking architectural magnificence

Dating back to the early 1900s, Richmond Castle was once the mansion of a wealthy businessman named Mudaliyar Don Arthur De Silva Wijesinghe Siriwardhane. Mudaliyar wanted his mansion to stand out immediately, thus making him adopt an Edwardian design. Aside from the main mansion complex, visitors to the castle could also find a sprawling garden with a gorgeous view of Kalu Ganga. It was Mudaliyar's wish on his deathbed, that his mansion be turned into a children's home, which is the primary purpose of Richmond Castle to date.


Fa Hien Caves - History and adventure intermixed

Fa Hien Caves – or Pahiyangala, as it is known locally – serves as a gateway to the prehistoric civilisation of the Indian Ocean island nation. The fascinating natural attraction is supposedly named after the Chinese Buddhist monk, Faxian, who's believed to have inhabited the caves after arriving in Sri Lanka, despite the lack of archaeological or historical evidence to support this assertion. Fa Hien Caves are a treasure trove of prehistoric remains and its rather veiled position in the midst of the lush wilderness along the southern coast makes it a perfect combination of history and adventure.


Thudugala Ella - Oodles of nature, peace, and quiet

Tucked away in the tranquillity of the Thudugala village in Kalutara, the Thudugala Ella waterfall oozes nature, peace, and quiet. It is the 268th waterfall out of around 382 recorded waterfalls in Sri Lanka and is one of the only handful of waterfalls found in the whole of the country's western province. Let the surrounding wilderness immerse you in serenity, the sounds of the plunging water serenade you and the cascading wonder of nature give your fill of scenic beauty.


Kalutara Bodhiya - Fascinating Buddhist culture

Kalutara Bodhiya is a Buddhist temple set immediately south of the iconic Kalutara Bridge in the heart of Kalutara city. One of the most sacred and historically significant places of worship in the west, the picturesque temple is home to one of the oldest planted trees in Sri Lanka, which is a highly regarded symbol of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It dates back all the way to the 2nd century BC


Calido Beach - Sun, sand, and sea in bliss

Palm-fringed shores, azure blue waters, and oodles of blissful vibes – Calido Beach is the main stretch of beach in the city of Kalutara. As a city that's best known for its coast, at least one of those golden-hued shores is a must-have on your itinerary and Calido Beach arguably tops the list. To further complement the idyllic seaside ambience, vacationing tourists could also find a clutch of tiptop Kalutara restaurants in the vicinity, including the ones offered by the likes of the Turyaa Kalutara Hotel.

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