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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 26, 2022
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9 Best Azerbaijan Travel Tips to Make You a Pro Traveller- Ten Travel Guidelines for Azerbaijan to Help You Navigate

Dubbed the "Land of Fire", Azerbaijan is a historic city with not only mountain landscapes but also the Caspian Sea at its border. Regardless of the duration of your getaway, here are 10 tips to help first-timers explore this fascinating destination like a seasoned traveller.


Register Your Name

This is only relevant to those who intend to spend more than ten days in the country. Those who are heading over to Azerbaijan for less than this period need not register their names with the country's State Migration Service but others must. Sometimes hotels and resorts see to this registration on your behalf but tourists who are planning to stay at Airbnbs must attend to it themselves or else face hefty fines.


Learn Key Phrases

While it is not necessary to speak Azeri (the official language of Azerbaijan) fluently, it is useful to learn a few keywords and terms. As a Turkish dialect, it is not hard to master, and learning how to ask for help and basic directions will come in handy when travelling around this largely non-English speaking nation.



While Azerbaijan is an Islamic country, it is also secular so this means it is not necessary to dress too conservatively when holidaying there. This is especially true in cities and major town areas where shorts and tank tops are permissible. One must cover up when visiting religious attractions, however.


Avoid Cab Scams

Do not enlist taxis that are parked outside the airport for your ride to the hotel upon arriving in the country. They are known to overcharge tourists so it is best to book an Uber or choose a taxi cab that's parked inside the airport.


Local Transport

Although those who are visiting the country on Azerbaijan holiday packages by tour operators such as Mackinnons Travels need not worry about public transport, it is best to understand the easiest ways to get around. Metro services are available in Baku City but elsewhere it is easier to use a taxi although you may want to haggle down the cost of the ride.



Avoid your everyday staples and sample local delicacies during a trip to Azerbaijan where a wide variety of delicacies are on offer at reasonable prices. Some of the top dishes to try include Pulov, Kufta Bobash, Dovga, Lavangi and Qutab.



As one of the cleanest countries in the region, it is crucial not to litter and pollute the pristine environment of Azerbaijan. Baku City, for example, is simply spotless and there are dust bins nearly everywhere that can be used to dispose of trash items.


Don't Forget Your Passport

Foreigners are required to carry their passports at all times so don't leave them behind in your hotel safe.


Medical Needs

Pack an emergency medical kit for your trip to Azerbaijan as you never know when you will need an antihistamine, flu medications or something to settle an upset stomach.