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7 Things to Know Before Travelling to Qatar - Seven Important Facts about Qatar That Every Traveller Should Be Aware of

As one of the Middle East's most dynamic tourist hotspots, Qatar is no ordinary holiday hub for the masses. Here are 7 crucial facts that all holidaymakers should know before visiting the desert destination revered for its retail hotspots and cultural heritage.


It's Easily Accessible

There's virtually no airline in the world that does not offer a flight to Qatar thanks to the country's location in a strategic position between the East and the West. Qatar is one of the most frequent stopovers on long-haul flights travelling both ways. This means that major airlines around the world offer direct and non-stop flights to Qatar. This also means that flight deals are also available at certain times of the year so tourists can take advantage of travel packages and promotional rates to this popular pit stop.


It's Expensive but Also Affordable

Although Qatar is a luxury holiday hub and an exclusive playground for the rich and famous, that does not mean that it is not a friendly destination for budget travellers. Whether you are planning to stay at the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara or any one of the other Doha hotels, there are accommodation options to suit those of varying financial means.


Getting Around

Travelling around the country is also a breeze thanks to Karwa taxis and other cab services including Uber and Careem, which offer efficient transfers at reasonable rates. Those who are planning to spend their Qatar getaway in Doha will find that the city is served by a metro network that covers most of the city's main neighbourhoods.


It's Tolerant to an Extent

Qatar is a culturally tolerant nation thanks to the multinational companies and the large expat population that has set up camp in Qatar. This does not mean that you can dress indecently or immodestly when sightseeing or visiting religious sites. Wearing bikinis and swimwear is also acceptable within the confines of your resort although engaging in PDA is considered inappropriate in public spaces.


Alcohol is Not Totally Unavailable

While drinking alcohol in public is strictly prohibited, you can enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer at licensed bars and restaurants with permits to serve alcohol. Most luxury resorts will be home to several bars and lounges where wines and hard liquors are served.


It's an Art Capital

Qatar and especially Doha may be popular as shopping Meccas for the masses but what most tourists are unaware of is the country's vibrant art scene. The Museum of Islamic Art and the Arab Museum of Modern Art are iconic institutions dedicated to creative expression.


Timing the Visit

Qatar can be quite unbearable during the summer season, so plan your visit to coincide with the cooler months on the calendar. The peak tourist season in Qatar falls between December and February for this very reason as it is one of the few times of the year when outdoor excursions during the daytime are possible.