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5 Facts to Know About ‘The Elephant Gathering’ in Sri Lanka- A Dynamic Interaction Between Graceful Giants

The tear-shaped emerald of the Indian Ocean brims with unforgettable experiences, from dreamy train rides through terraced hillsides and nature-infused adventure towns to storybook heritage forts and adrenaline-packed safaris. Here are some insider insights into the phenomenal Elephant Congregation.


A Delegation of Imperial Giants

With so many allurements that are synonymous with Lanka, from idyllic colonial-era hilltop settlements, musical waterfall pools and wild ziplining experiences over emerald valleys to kitesurfing over jewel-toned seascapes and Whitewater rafting in rainforest rapids, you might find it difficult to pick and choose a customised itinerary. However, if you're looking to witness a monumental event enriched by untouched nature, exhilarating wildlife contact, and fascinating historical significance that will steal your breath away, The Elephant Gathering is not to be missed! Pronounced by Lonely Planet and BBC Travel as one of the Earth's greatest wildlife spectacles, every moment seems tailor-made to entertain and inspire avid onlookers, as these surprisingly delicate herds of mild-mannered giants interact with each other in a variety of ways, from seeking mates and challenging each other to playful showdowns to the adorable and mischievous antics of the calves.


The Wisdom of the Gathering

While we are often swept away by feelings of wonder at the beauty and majesty of nature, nothing in it happens at random, and even animals in the wild follow a precise and practical pattern of life. The journeying of these different groups of elephants from across Sri Lanka's north-central dry zone represents a quest for the bountiful sustenance provided by the two ancient reservoirs and surrounding grassland, as well as a chance to 'socialise' among other herds. One of the beneficial results of this striking party is that different genes of wild elephants inevitably mingle after the right to mate has been won between competing 'suitors', and only the strongest attributes are passed down to ensure the species' survival.


Where to sight it?

As for where to witness this once-in-a-lifetime marvel, this massive-scale courtship of elephants occurs in the spacious, grassy, jungle-clad reservoirs of two dreamy Central Province nature sanctuaries. While Yala is iconic for its rich diversity and exhilarating encounters with keystone species; particularly the elusive Asian leopard, and Udawalawe is beloved for its intimate looks into wildlife in a safe habitat, the National Parks of Minneriya and Kaudulla provide the most epic and unforgettable spectacle, which is the diverse species of Asian Elephant mingling together in heart-stirring harmony. If you're looking for the perfect way to explore Minneriya National Park and its captivating surroundings, venture no further than Cinnamon Air.


When does it take place?

Just like any highly anticipated mind-blowing event, especially within nature's busy schedule, be it following the escapades of dolphins, diving with blue whales, or watching baby sea turtles make their way back home, the Elephant Gathering happens at a very specific point in time. Namely, during the more arid months, from July to October, where up to 300 elephants will be found grazing, bathing, courting, and gambolling in the vicinity of the beautiful 4670-acre waterbody built by a 3rd- century monarch.


What to bring?

This humbling privilege of an experience doesn't require much more than a present heart and respectful treatment of the serene sanctuary; however, given the sheer multitudes of Instagram-worthy moments, as well as the dryness of the climate, a good camera, sunshades, and water bottles won't be amiss!