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Headline for Wonderful Places to Visit in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka – A domain of cultural delights and history awaits
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Wonderful Places to Visit in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka – A domain of cultural delights and history awaits

Galle has a lot to see and do, so you might want to prolong your stay by a couple of extra days just to see everything the city has to offer. Galle's colonial splendour makes strolling through its streets feel like stepping into the past so get ready for a blast of nostalgia.


Galle Dutch Fort

It was built many years ago on a vast area of land in Galle, Sri Lanka, by the Portuguese before they were taken over by the Dutch. The fort was finally taken over by the British after a lot of reconstruction and repair. The UNESCO World Heritage Site status of this colossal structure means that it deserves a significant place on the list of things to do in Galle. Couples flock to the area for pre-wedding photo shoots because it is so picturesque. If you are looking for hotels in Galle for a shoot as well, be sure to check out the Fortress Resort and Spa as well so that you can find plenty of stunning backdrops as well!


Dutch Reformed Church

The Dutch Reformed Church tells stories from the past at the Galle Dutch Fort ruins. It is possible to take a walk-through history with the help of a tour guide who really can keep up with you and tell you stories. This church's door was made in the 18th century by a skilled craftsman. There are a number of tombs on the floor of this church, which is also known as Groot Church, while the tower was made from Malaysian wood.


National Museum of Galle

The National Museum of Galle is the place to go if world history is your life's passion. Located in Galle, this historical site from the fourth century is a popular tourist destination for people interested in learning about Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage.
You may see everything from antiquities and masks to shells and the Beeralu Collection in this educational facility that takes you deep into the history of Sri Lanka. Weapons and warships on display in Sri Lanka show the Dutch's involvement in the country.


Jungle Beach

The Jungle Beach is a tranquil, secluded spot in Galle where you may get all the peace and quiet you desire while on vacation. This beachfront is one of the more laid-back ones in Galle and is less crowded than the rest of the city's tourist attractions.
On a sandy beach, you can relax and sunbathe, or swim in the crystal-clear seas that appear to be mirror images of the land below. In Galle, you can go snorkelling to see the abundant marine life for yourself if you're a fan of the water.


Japanese Peace Pagoda

The Japanese Peace Pagoda is a haven for contemplation and tranquillity for those who seek it. The Rumassala Hill, from which you can overlook the ocean and the dense jungles, was recently built into a serene structure. Attend their daily routine at 5.30 p.m. to delve even deeper into this calmness. At dusk, the atmosphere is enchanting and transports one to a different realm of beauty.

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