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Quartz and Stones Exporter Supplier & Wholesaler

The wellness of meditation and the quartz that empowers it - Himalya Quartz brings to you the best range of natural quartz that improve your meditation experience and increases it benefits, only for you.

We procure stone originally from Manikaran Valley and Manihar Valley of Himalayas. We also deal in all sorts of precious and semi-precious gemstones including Amethyst, Apophyllite, opal gemstone, Crystal Quartz, Healing Stones, Samadhi Quartz, and other varieties in Gemstones.

Natural Green Sapphire Round Faceted 1.7x1.9mm Beads Gemstone 12.5" Loose Strand GSB 011

Green Sapphire is a highly precious gemstone. Also known as Green Pukhraj or Green Safir in Hindi, this gem is.

Paraiba Apatite Bracelet, Gold & Silver Plated Bracelet, Blue Paraiba Apatite, Beads Gemstone, Faceted Beads Bracelet...

Apatite is a stone of motivation and inspiration. It promotes a positive outlook and raises spirits. Strengthens personal power and decreases negative energy with Blue Apatite. By stimulating the Throat Chakra, Blue Apatite supports positive communication with yourself and others. Himalyaquartz is known as the dealer of all types of quartz and gemstone bracelet. It is also attuned to the Third Eye Chakra.

Ethiopian Opal for Sale | Natual Loose Opal for Jewelry

Buy Ethiopian Opal in different shapes, colors & sizes; Natural loose fire opal for Jewelry making. Explore the best quality opal for sale online.

Apophyllite is the high-vibing crystal that opens the third eye chakra

Apophyllite crystal is a member of the phyllosilicate family. phyllosilicate comes from the greek language, the meaning of this word is "flake off". Basically, the apophyllite crystal is known as white crystal but it can come in different colors like green, yellow, pink, or colorless. People wear this crystal to escape negative energies. It has the power to transform negative energies into positive energies.

Amethyst Quartz Value, Price, and Jewelry Information & More

Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. Amethyst Quartz Value, Price, and Jewelry Information & More.

Highly Recommanded Black Opel Price And Information

Black Opal is a strategic solution-oriented enterprise focused on the real estate sector.

Mexican Opal

A must-have in your gem collection is the multi-Mexican opal beads all for their extravagance and exquisiteness. These Mexican opals are for sure a breath away at such prices, with authenticity as a hallmark of trust.

Pink Himalayan Samadhi Quartz | Rose Quartz Stones Online

Pink Quartz is the stone of universal love. Explore the best quality of pink crystal quartz stones for office & home decor. Get the rarest pink samadhi quartz, which we mine from the Kullu Valley in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh in India.

Buy Honeycomb Opal Online at Reasonable Price |

Honey Comb Opal gemstone is a unique and beautiful gemstone that is found in only a few places around the world. This gemstone is characterized by its unique honeycomb-like structure, which is created by the intergrowths of different types of opal and is called Honey Comb Opal.