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Best Dishes You Must Try in Phuket – Savouring the best in the City of Gastronomy!

It is no mean task for Phuket to earn the label of the city of gastronomy. The trade activities with foreign partners in southern China, Malaysia and even Europe influenced the Peranakan culture which had extended to a delicious blend of Peranakan cuisine relished by many visitors and locals.


A burst of flavour with satay

Eating satay is almost a part of the culture in Thailand, especially in Phuket. Almost every street corner will have an array of satay using chicken, pork or beef. The thoroughly marinated bite-sized pieces of meat are cooked over hot coals on skewers to have the flavours emitted. Served hot with their signature peanut sauce using a mix of fish sauce, onions, peanut butter, sesame oil, coconut milk and a dribble of lime juice. Biting into the satay with a generous helping of the sauce is simply divine as endorsed by guests after relishing it at restaurants in Phuket.


Yummy and filling Mee Hokkien Noodles

A simple dish of stir-fried noodles with a mix of greens and seafood or meat as per the preference. This is a favourite dish for noodle lovers. The yellow egg noodle is stir-fried with prawns, chicken, squid or the protein of your choice into which bean sprouts, shallots, juliennes of carrots as preferred are tossed in and seasoned to taste, a quick preparation dished out to perfection at hotels such as Anantara Layan Phuket Resort accompanied by chilli paste and a dash of lemon.


Dim Sum Galore

You would be simply bowled over by the variety of Dim Sums in Phuket. An incredibly popular meal which originated in Southern China is enjoyed by visitors and locals. Steamed dumplings made of rice-based pastry stuffed with shrimp, green beans, pork or chicken. They are smooth to touch and rich in flavour and goodness, most visitors enjoy Dim Sum with a hot pot of Chinese Tea.


Oh Eaw for lovers of sweets

A traditional dessert made from ripened bananas and kidney beans is mostly enjoyed during the height of summer and is rarely found outside of Phuket. The bananas and beans are made into cubes using a mix of gelatin and decorated liberally in sweetened red syrup. At a glance the gelatinized heap resemble shavings of ice enjoyed by many, however, this is the Phuket version of it.


Quick snack Por Pia

This is the Thai version of the crispy spring roll. Freely available at many restaurants as well as on the streets Por Pia is made by wrapping prawns, vegetables, meat or any other filling into cuttings of crunchy pastry sheets, rolling them up and deep-frying in hot oil and served with an accompanying dip.


Tempting roti pancake

A unique Thai version of a sweet pancake. The pancake dough is comprised of flour, egg, sugar, condensed milk and salt. The topping can vary on the chef's imagination. Once the flat roti pancake is made on the hot griddle, a topping of fruit can be added over which chocolate sauce is dribbled making it a mouthwatering dessert. Sometimes the topping can be thick coconut cream with a blob of ice cream. Lip-smacking good.