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Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls

See all Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls for 2013. Best prices and reviews of these adorable Monster High Dolls


Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

Get Twyla Here:

Twyla has been one of the dolls that I had a super hard time getting. Finally when she became available on Amazon for $19.99 I snapped her up. I was excited about Twyla from the stock picture but when she arrived I was even more impressed with how adorable she is. Twyla is a smaller sized doll (the same size as Howleen). The thing I like the most is the spider and web theme she has throughout her outfit and accessories (I didn't even notice it on the stock pictures). Twyla's hair is mostly seafoam green with stripes of cobalt blue and a very few thin dark purple stripes. It is slightly wavy with blunt cut bangs. Her skintone is a beautiful shade of lavender except for her hands which are metallic grey that fades out as it goes up her forearm towards her elbow. She also has wispy metallic grey designs on her lower legs. Her eyes are really lovely being mostly pink and purple and having larger black pupils (I imaging these enlarged pupils come from her need to see in the dark. That is a very clever attention to detail on the part of the designer). Her makeup is minimal but it works for her. Her upper eye has black eyeliner and eyelashes with her lower eyeliner and eyelashes being purple. She has a line of lavender painted under her lower eye but it is so close to her skin color you can hardly detect it. Her lips are a stunning shade of metallic mauve. Her eyebrows are green which stands out nicely against the color of her skin. Her 3/4 sleeve top is a dark purple with black stripes down printed on it with little spiders dotted along the stripes. The shirt has a black collar with a bow tied at the front. Her three tiered skirt is a mix of a black background with a seafoam green swirl design with a purple tulle ruffle sewn at the end of each tier. Her belt is seafoam green plastic with a skullette right at the center, and dangling down from the skullette is a small spider. Her earrings are light metallic silver escutcheons with little doorknobs and even a keyhole. On her left wrist she wears two thin lavender and one thin black bracelet. On her right wrist she wears a seafoam green bracelet that has a spider web that is shaped like skullette with three tiny spiders hanging from that. Her adorable dark purple kisslock purse features a black strap, intricate molded scrollwork and a light green skullette shaped web with five minatures spiders dangling from the web painted on the front. Her shoes are dark purple oxford style pumps with green laces with spiders at the ends and and a black scrolled heel and platform. Her pet dust bunny Dustin is also very cute. He is lavender with a little pink nose, a grey button for a right eye, and a green stitch for a left eye. His little ears are standing up and he has the cutest surprised expression. He is quite large, (in fact I think other than Nightmare he is probably the largest MH pet so far). Twyla comes with a black stand and brush and her diary. Overall I think Twyla is a fantastic addition to any monster high collection.

Monster High 13 Wishes Gigi Grant Doll

Get GiGi Here:

Gigi Grant is a new MH character and is part of the 13 Wishes doll line. Gigi has a towering segmented ponytail that is dark pink on the top side and copper colored beneath. Gigi has pink skin with molded in segment lines on her body, arms and legs (to match her purple pet scorpion Sultan Sting). She has long fingers with very long fingernails and long elf pointed ears. Gigi has bright ice blue eyes, a scattering of freckles, a chin dimple and a quizzical facial expression similar to Rochelle Goyle. Her eye makeup is blue and shimmery gold and her lips are a dark pink berry color. Gigi also has a pink arabesque scorpion design tattoo on the upper part of her chest.

Her accessories include a gold genie lamp, gold bracelets and earrings and very cool pink curly toed platform shoes. Gigi is wearing high waisted black harem pants that end at the knee featuring more arabesque scorpion designs in metallic gold. She wears a bi-colored metallic top that is half blue and half pink trimmed in black and gold. Gigi comes with her diary, her pet scorpion, a hairbrush and a doll stand.

According to her bio this new Monster High character is approximately 15 years old, is claustrophobic, and loves hummus. She doesn't just grant one wish when released from her lamp - she grants 13 - that all come with a dark side. Gigi is a fun new addition to the monster high universe, the Daughter of the Genie is an interesting addition.

Monster High 13 Wishes Howleen Wolf

Get Howleen Here:

I know there have only been three versions of Howleen (including this one), but this one is by far the prettiest. This time around Howleen has straight long hair that goes down all the way past her waist with blunt cut bangs. On the actual doll her bangs have more of a curve to them and I think they look much cuter than the stock photo. Her hair is two shades of pink, super bright neon pink and streaks of a lighter shade of bubblegum pink. On her head she wears an adorable black beanie with little knubby balls all over it. Her cute little ears poke out through the top of the beanie!!! Her facepaint is soooo pretty. Her lips are hot pink. She has medium purple shadow lining her lower eyes and also extending from her upper lashline past the crease of her eye. Her browbone has a light pink color with opalescent glitter on top. The purple shadow really accents her golden orange eyes. She wears a tankdress that is mostly black with some blue and hot pink paw prints and yellow ladder type designs on it. The bottom hem of the dress has a neon green band across it. Over her dress she wears a dark purple metallic pleather jacket with 3/4 sleeves. Under her dress she wears sheer neon pink capri length footless tights. Her belt is blue with metallic gold pyramid studs. She has one metallic gold pyramid stud in her left ear, and one thick black and one thick purple bracelet on her right wrist. On her left hand she wears a single black fishnet glove. Her purse is metallic gold with a chain strap and some blue accents. Her boots are simply adorable. The are black lace up combat style boots. There are two layers of gold studs at the top of the boots and the wedge heel has little crossbones molded into them. She comes with her pet hedgehog Cushion who is hot pink this time (in the sisters pack with version one Howleen, Cushion is orange.) She also comes with a black brush, black stand, and diary. Her diary talks about how she is confused with what she wants to do in her life and also talks about her good friend Twyla, who is a "boogeygirl". I am totally in love with this version of Howleen and I hope mattel keeps putting out other ones as well. (I would love to see a fancy dance/party version of Howleen). Howleen has really clawed her way into my heart!!

Monster High 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah Draculaura Doll

Get Draculaura Here:

This is THE most beautiful Draculaura I have ever seen!! From the top of her head to the tips of her toes she is to die for. Her long hair is black and pink with gold tinsel strands throughout. Most of her hair hangs down loose and reaches her waist, but she does have a small portion pulled into a ponytail at the top of her head. Her bangs are cut into a V just like sweet 1600 Draculaura. She has a stunning face. Her eyes are lined on the bottom with hot pink and she has the same shade of hot pink starting at her upper lashline and continuing up a little past the crease of her eye. There is a pale golden shimmer along her browbone. The inner corner of her eyes are done in glimmering gold with a sprinkling of opalescent glitter. The heart on her cheek is also gold with opalescent glitter. Her lips are the shade of hot pink as her eyeshadow and also have a healthy dose of glitter on top. Her accessories are the most awesome I have ever seen. She wears a golden circlet style crown on around her head that is molded with a heart with fangs right in the center of her forehead. Behind the mouth is a pointy spiderweb, and on either side of the mouth are two batwings. Each side of the crown continuing around her to the back is spiderwebs that are configured into a pointy batwing like design. Her necklace is golden batwings that open to both sides of her neck with a spiderweb that comes down from between them and comes to a point on her chest. She wears two golden spiderweb bracelets (one on each wrist) that flare out and open into a bell shape at her hands. Her earrings are three hearts with fangs starting with a larger one where the earrings go into her ear and getting progressively smaller as they go down. Her shoes are totally amazing!! The are open toe wedges. There is a translucent pink spiderweb the stretches across the instep of her foot and the wedge is gold super shiny metallic plastic with a diamond print embossed on them. Her dress has a fitted bodice that is black with pink glitter polka dots and a gold cord that weaves in an x pattern across her chest. There is a sheer pink ribbon trim that starts at a V point at her waist and goes up to make the straps of her dress. The skirt on the dress is comprised of three layers. It is a high/low style hem. The top layer is sheer black fabric with a shiny black print of webs and hearts with batwings. The second layer is a black holey lace with metallic gold accents. The third bottom layer of the skirt is a solid pink silky fabric. She comes with a hot pink translucent "magical lantern". It has intricate designs molded into it including skullettes and webs and the top opens up. There is a little card showing her on the front in her amazing outfit and a picture on the back depicting Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen, and Gigi. She comes with a black brush. She also includes a stand. It is a little bit different than the regular ones in that the top half of the stand is clear, and the base is a black skullette design. The stand is the kind that you place between the dolls legs (not around the waist). These are the same stands that come with Ghouls Alive dolls. This doll has unparalleled attention to detail. All three dolls in this line are awesome but I think Draculaura is the stand out doll. She is absolutely goregeous in everyway. In fac, this doll has hands down become my favorite Draculaura EVER!! If you get the chance you should definitely sink your fangs into this vivacious vampire!!

Monster High 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Get Clawdeen Here:

This version of Clawdeen is really breathtaking. The thing I was struck by first is her hair and makeup. Her hair is a very light golden brown/blonde, lighter than we have ever seen on Clawdeen before. It looks beautiful with her skintone. There are also streaks of gold tinsel in her hair. SHe has a little piece of her bangs swept to the side and twisted into a rope style, with this section having some very dark purple hair in it. She also has one dark purple streak right at the front of her hairline on the other side. Her makeup just gorgeous. Her lips are metallic gold with loads of iridescent glitter on top. Her upper and lower eyelids are lined with very light lavender shadow. From her upper eyelid to her eybrow is done in a metallic silver grey that is heavily coated with opalescent glitter. Her golden eyes really stand out again the glittery shadow. I have posted some pictures to try and show her makeup but the photos just do not do it justice. Around her head she wears a plastic metallic gold circle style crown that is made to look like a zipper. In her right ears she wears one gold earring with a kind of bulb shape with a crescent moon dangling down in the center. Her left ear has no earrings. On each arm she has a gold molded zipper shaped cuff that extends the length of her arm from her wrists all the way to her elbows. She wears a black mini dress with a metallic gold crescent moon print and a metallic gold mesh halter inset at the top. She wears a three tiered skirt over her dress. The outermost tier is sheer purple with a gold zipper and crescent moon design running along the lower edge. The second tier is opaque lavender with black leopard spots, and the third tier is black open hold mesh with metallic gold lurex accents. She wears a wide, hard plastic gold belt also. Her strappy wedge sandals are so cute. They are translucent purple zipper on top that wrap around her ankle and foot. The wedge has a translucent purple inset with the outer heel being metallic gold. She comes with her dark translucent purple magical lantern as well. The lantern has a hinged lid that opens and closes. Also included is a small cardboard cutout showing Clawdeen on the front, and Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen, and Gigi on the back. She comes with a black brush and a stand. The stand is the same that comes with the ghouls alive dolls. It is a black plastic skullette base with a clear arm that comes up between the dolls legs, not around her waist. Overall Clawdeen is absolutely beautiful. Mattel did a fantastic job with this entire line of dolls.

Monster High 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah Frankie Stein Doll

Get Frankie Stein Here:

Haunt the Cashbah Frankie is utterly amazing. Her long straight hair is white, black and turquoise, with strands of gold tinsel. We have not seen blue in Frankie's hair before and it is beautiful. It gives it an amazing depth and looks awesome. She has blunt cut bangs. A gold circlet style crown made of bolts wraps around her head. Her makeup is very pretty. Her lips are a very pale peachy pink. Her eyes are lined all the way around on her upper and lower lashes with glimmering gold. She has medium taupe eyeshadow in the crease of her eye and glimmering gold covered with opalescent glitter on her browbone. Her stitches on her right cheek (on my doll they are very faint and hard to see) are metallic gold as are the stitches on her body and her neck bolts. Her earrings are a straight dangling line with bolts on the end and are sparkling metallic gold. She wears a gold bolt shaped bracelet on each wrist. Her dress is also amazing. The bodice is done half in a white material with tiny gold microdots, and half in black pleather. At the sweetheart neckline there is a piece of turquoise sheer material that crosses over her chest and is held up by another piece of sheer black and gold glitter material that wraps around her neck. There is a gold hard plastic embellishment of lightening bolts and regular bolts attached to he left side of the dress. The skirt of the dress is a high/ low hemline with several layers of fabric. The shorter front of the skirt is has three layers of tulle, the bottom two layers being black mesh with gold glitter and the top layer being turquoise mesh. On the back of the skirt there is one short layer of black tulle with gold glitter. Over top of that is a long layer (it comes down to her ankles) of silky turquoise material with a metallic gold bolt, and lightening print on it (the print is only on one side of the material so it is only visible when viewing Frankie from the front). The outermost layer of the back of the skirt is a black holey lace material with metallic gold accents. Her shoes are open toe wedges. The wedge heel itself is super shiny metallic gold with a square design molded into them. The upper part of the shoe is translucent turquoise plastic. There is a bolt right on the instep of her foot with four thin straps coming out from that and attaching to the wedge. She also comes with a "magical lantern" made of translucent turquoise plastic. It is very detailed with many ornate designs including several skullettes and webs. It opens up at the top and is hollow inside. She comes with a card that shows her in her beautiful outfit on the front and shows Clawdeen, Draculaura, Frankie, and Gigi on the back. She comes with a black brush. She comes with a stand that is different from the basic monster high stand. It is the same stand that comes with the Ghouls Alive dolls. There is a black skullette base, and the arm of the stand is clear plastic and made to go between the dolls legs, (not around her waist). This Frankie has so much detail and is just breathtakingly beautiful. This just may be my favorite Frankie ever.

Monster High 13 Wishes Lagoona Blue

Get Lagoona Here:

If you are a Monster High fan that loves variation in design - then this is the doll for you! Lagoona is barely recognizable in her freshwater incarnation. This Lagoona has cerulean blue skin and day-glo easter egg yellow hair. In this version Lagoona has short bangs with a swatch of mint green, while the rest of her neon hair is styled into a unicorn twist that ends in a fish tail. Lagoona has green eyes, with purple brows and some fabulous bright mint green lipstick.

If you missed out on the original Lagoona doll, now is a chance to collect her and her pet fish Neptuna. Neptuna is two shades of purple and her fishbowl is included as one of Lagoona's accessories. Other accessories include a pink flower for Lagoona's hair, a large face visor with a woodland pond theme, pink dragonfly earrings, pond/cattail themed high hell shoes and green turtle themed necklace and bracelet. Lagoona is wearing a mostly pink and black geo patterned mini dress with a teal/pink glitter one sleeved overlay.

Besides her pet, this doll comes with her diary, a hairbrush and doll stand. I think collectors will be thrilled with this unusual doll, and will love the unique restyling of Lagoona - she really looks different and fresh.

Monster High 13 Wishes Room Party & Doll

Get the 13 Wishes Party Room and Doll here:

I saved up my money to buy this and let me say it was worth it! First off Spectra is beautiful sporting a purple and gold macaranian themed outfit with light purple makeup on. The accessories that come with this playset are 2 pink fake speakers, 2 gold hook decorations, 2 drippy blue monster drinks, a gold chair, and a computer. It also comes with this cool DJ booth with two turn tables and a bunch of black buttons and there are prongs in the back of the booth to put Spectra in but some people may have trouble putting her in and getting her to stay in. There is also skeleton hands holding the computer up, lots of seating, cool backgrounds, (some of monster dancing and Cleo's oasis) but what made me want to get this was the fact is it can plug in to your mp3 player. (or iPhone or ipad, etc.) When I pluged it in the sound was pretty good and can go pretty loud but I heard some people had some problems but I was satisfied. Great for kids but picky collectors might not be satisfied.

Monster High 13 Wishes Oasis Cleo De Nile Doll & Playset

Get this Monster High Playset Here:

My daughter loves it!!! The doll and the accessories are made of a high quality material, some assembly is required, but my daughter did it by herself so it's very easy.

Very nice addition to any Monster High collection. My granddaughter loved it. I would highly recommend it.Very detailed. Very happy with purchase.

Monster High 13 Wishes Abbey Bominable Exclusive Doll

** Only ONE Left in Stock **

Check current availability here:

MONSTER HIGH 13 Wishes Party Doll SET

i just love my girls- i have almost all of them& just love their outfits on these new ones- dolls arrived in perfect condition. thanks so much

Get this Monster High 13 Wishes 3 Doll Set Here:

Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls

We've got all the Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls right here - and we have found some GREAT prices on them! We found Abbey, GiGi, Cleo, Twyla and ALL the Thirteen